Photo Editing Android Apps     Nowadays taking photos from smartphone is one of the hobby for a large group of people especially youngsters and also selfie images are also popular among those people. So that’s only maximum gadgets like smartphones, tablets are comes with high quality camera features in these days. Photos are the best way to save our great memories for a long time and photo editing tools are do the great job for decorating your beautiful images. When comes to the photo editing tools for Android gadgets there are plenty of free photo editing Applications are available in online. By using these apps you are able to give awesome finishing touch and wonderful effects for any images quickly and also it’s very easy to handle so anyone can use. Through this article i have listed top 5 best photo editing applications for android smartphones and tablets and another good news is it’s completely free of cost, so you don’t pay anything for these apps.  

Top 5 Free Photo editing Apps for Android:

1. PicsArt Photo Studio:

PicsArt is the most popular and one of the finest photo editing application for android with over 200 million users worldwide. Not only for the Photo editing, PicsArt has multiple faces like Photo grid, drawing tool, college maker, et., and it comes with the plenty of the editing features such as hundreds of customizable effects, stickers, font tools, frames, funny masks, over 2,000 graphic cliparts, drawing tools and so on, so it can be called as a all-rounder app. As a user you can use all the above features for decorating your images with free of cost. After finishing the editing you can share your images on the popular social networks Some of them are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and also PicsArt offers their own social networking site so you can use it through that app. This is the best platform for transfer your images into works of art. 

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2. Snapseed:

Snapseed is a first class photo editing application for the android smartphones. At first it comes as a paid app, after the acquisition of the Google now it gets the place in the list of free apps, so that’s only it offers a list of ultimate features like a paid app. An amazing feature of this app is “Auto Correct” tool which helps to adjust the color and exposure of a image automatically. And the another feature is “Vintage Films” by using this feature you are able to transfer any images like lived in 60’s or 70’s. Straighten & Rotate, Crop, Frames, Center focus are the some other useful tool from this app. To be frank, it is a best app to apply retro effects to your photos. 

3. PicSay – Photo Editor:

 PicSay is an another great android application for photo lovers, there are over 3 millions users are already atracted by through it’s unique features. As a user of this app you can improve your creativity while editing photos, because it offers from basic editing tools to high-end features such as word balloons, texts, stickers and also you can use other tools like contrast, brightness, color effects, etc., to you images. This app is available in both free and paid version for android on the Google play store, paid version offers some extra features, tools, effects. and quickly sharing option helps to share your edited images to your friends through the social networking sites. 

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4. Autodesk Pixlr – photo editor:

Autodesk Pixlr is one of the most recommended and a powerful photo editor android apps and it offers completely ad-free experience to it’s users. If you don’t know that how to do photo editing before then don’t worry this app will help you to learn photo editing easily and you can use great tools and special effects. They provides incredible collections of special effects which indicates over 2 million numbers and it’s completely free to use. The “Auto Fix” feature guides you to adjust the poor background and colors of your image and watercolor tool help you to transfer your photos like a pencil drawing. Some extra additional feature are only for the member who uses the paid version.

5. BeFunky:

BeFunky is one of the lovely photo editor app for android smartphones, it comes with the same basic editing features as well as the above applications. And it offers powerful editing features such as amazing collage maker, tons of stylish fonts, lots of wonderful photo frames, bunch of goodies and stickers, collections of photo effects, etc., After finished your editing you can increase your joy by way of sharing your images with your friends through the social networking sites easily.  All these services are completely free and also you can prefer pro version which provides some additional ultimate features.