how to delete a fb account   Few years back many people have felt that Facebook is the best entertainment place in online. Because in that time, it came with certain new features such as News feed, Timeline profile, Friend requests, Friends search, Like button, Notifications, Events, and so on. Due to these features Facebook has gained millions of users in a short period of time(even a kid also have a FB account in these days). But now maximum number of the users have started to hate the Facebook due to some series issues such as problems with privacy data, unwanted communications, annoying notifications, political issues, and they have realized that Facebook kills their own time. So that’s only number of people who wants to leave their own FB account has increased rapidly and this article may helps those people to delete or deactivate their Fb account permanently.

Reasons to Delete or Deactivate a Facebook Account:

# Data Protection Issues:

Privacy concerns are the major reason that why many people have been quitting Facebook. When it comes to protection of the users data in Facebook, it is really hard to secure, even it offers a lots of security settings & tools. In the recent years millions of the fb user’s data have been stolen. A latest research shows that over 48 percent of the total Fb quitters are leaving due to the data protection issues. Here i have an article to secure your Facebook account

# Annoying notifications:

People get irritated while seeing bulk notifications when they login their Facebook account not only the notifications even friend requests, direct messages also gives the same irritation. Facebook shows all of your friend’s latest activities on Fb as a notification to you, if you have large number of friends then it’s really hard to avoid bulk notifications.  Nowadays an user can send game requests as a notification to a friend on Fb. 

# Time Killing:

According to a recent research, Social networking sites especially Facebook kills our golden time in daily life. Maximum number of the users spend many hours on Facebook without any useful purpose, except business people because they use Facebook fan page for promoting their business in online. Time is one of the valuable thing in our human life, so try to stop wasting time on Facebook

Steps to Deactivate a Facebook Account:

  • Open the settings menu on the upper right corner.
  • Select the settings option.

facebook deactivate

  • Select the security menu.
  • Select “Deactivate your account” option which is located below the settings.

deactivate fb

  • Now they display a form and ask you that why you want to leave from Facebook, after inserting your opinion click the confirm button. Now your account is deactivated.

Deactivation of an account indicates that anyone can’t see your profile and can’t connect with you on Facebook and also you will not receive any E-mail notifications until you login again. Yes you can reactivate your account any time by just login with your mail id and password, once you activate your account again all of your data will be available. 

Steps to Delete a Fb Account Permanently:

Deleting a Facebook account describes that kills an account completely. Before you are going to delete an account facebook advise you to download all your profile data by flowing the below steps.

  • Go to the “General account setting” in the settings menu.
  • Click “download a copy”.

download a fb


Now lets go to delete the account. first login your account and click the below link.

Delete a Facebook account.

Now a new window will be opened, click the “Delete my account” button and follow the upcoming process.


Now your account is ready to delete but Facebook gives you a 14 days grace period. In that time your account will be deactivated and you are able to reactivate by just login your account. But if you do not login your account within this period your account will be deleted permanently.