things to consider before buying smartphone    Mobile phones have become a necessity gadget in these days for everyone and it treated as a sixth finger of a human’s hand. In the early days of mobile phones, it came with some basic functions only such as dialling calls, attending calls. But after the technological revolution, now we can do anything in a fraction of a second with the help of a mobile phone. Today people use mobiles in their daily life for communicating with others, entertaining themselves, security purpose, official work, learning purpose, etc., and now the market for the gadgets are filled with the plenty of mobile companies and different types of handsets such as Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks, etc., despite even this situation buying a perfect mobile can be though and a challenging talk. Because it covers many things such as brand, processing power, Operating System, camera, some other latest features and finally budget. So here i have suggest certain things which has to consider before buying a smartphone or tablet.

Things to Know before Buying a Smartphone or Tablet:

1. Budget:

Budget is the primary thing which should consider before buying any product, so first you should know your purchasing power and set up a budget which is suitable for you. Then list the handsets which comes within your budget in the market. If you have a low-budget, don’t worry because there are huge number of mobile companies are offers plenty of affordable mobiles for the middle class people. And also lots of costly mobiles are available in the market for the elite people. Suppose if you want to buy High-end mobiles with having low-budget money then you can prefer EMI(Equated Monthly Installment).

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2. Brand:

 After the budget, brand is the most considerable thing while buying a new smartphone or tablet. Nowadays various brands are available in the mobile phone market and Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, HTC, etc., are the leading brands. So choose a brand which offers great features such as quality display, easy user interface, quality sound, better battery backup, powerful processor and affordable price. And also prefer a brand which provides good support and services. 

3. Screen Size:

Display size of a smartphone is an another essential thing you should consider while buying a smartphone. Some people wants handsets which has small size of display, because it helps to keep fit the device into your pockets. Some people wants large size display gadgets for their entertainment needs such as playing games, watching videos, browsing on internet, etc., Normally smartphones which comes with 4.0 to 5.0 Inches display are really comfortable to hold. So choose proper size of a display whether it may be a smartphone or tablet and also make sure that the display has good resolutions. 

4. Design & Weight:

The design of a handset is should attract everyone. There are plenty of stylish and colorful smartphones are available in the market, so choose a mobile which comes with a stylish design and impressive look. And also make sure that the body of a device has made with strong materials. 

Weight of a device is also a important thing in this article, always Choose thinnest and lightweight devices. As far as i am concerned 150g is a average weight for a normal smartphone and 350g is a average for tablets.

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5. Operating System(OS):

Mobile Operating System(OS) is like a brain of a mobile device because it operates the whole device. The quantity of the mobile OS has increased day by day, and Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, etc., are the leading Operating Systems in the market. Among these platforms Android OS has most number of users in worldwide and it’s owned by Google. Before you choose a mobile OS you should know about it’s features like whether it is user friendly or not, it offers free apps or paid apps, it can be updated in the future or not. 

6. Camera:

We know Camera is the most lovable & useful feature in any smartphone, the high quality camera helps to take crystal clear images and record awesome videos. In fact camera is one of the major reason for people interested to buying latest smartphones instead of normal mobiles. Nowadays most of the smartphones comes with minimum 5 MP primary camera and at least VGA type front camera. By using front camera you are able to take selfie images and make video calls. So make sure your device is builted with high quality rear camera and minimum VGA quality front camera. Optical zoom, LED flash, Auto focus are other important features that you should consider while make a purchase.

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7. Storage/Memory:

Storage is an another important section in the smartphones, as a user you are able to save lots of audio files, video files and some other types of files in a single device. So always choose a handsets which offers a decent level of internal storage(minimum 16GB) capacity and also a expandable memory slot feature. If you buy a low internal memory device or device without having expandable memory feature, then you can’t able to store a large number of files. And also low internal memory smartphones are generally faces some series issues like Low memory error alerts, hanging or freezing, unable to install additional applications, etc., But some high-end smartphones comes without the expandable memory slot feature because it contains maximum internal storage capacity.

8. Hardware:

If OS is considered as a brain of a smartphone, then hardware is considered as a heart of a handset, hardware includes the processor and RAM. Nowadays like PC processors, different kinds of mobile processors are available such as Dual-core, Quad-core, Qualcomm, etc., Among these types of processors Quad-core is always better & faster than other processors. Now comes to the RAM, RAM memory plays the major role in the performance of a handset and it helps to running lots of applications smoothly at a time. As far as i am concerned 1GB RAM memory would be good enough for the average smartphones. At the same time if you have a device along with more than 1GB RAM, you are able to do heavy multitasking without any issue. 

9. Battery Backup:

Smartphones are become a powerful device when it comes with ultimate features like high quality camera, high resolution display, perfect sound effect and a powerful processor. But a poor battery backup leads to treated a luxury smartphone like a toy phone. If a handset contains a long battery backup capacity, as a user you are able to use the device for many hours for connecting/chatting with others, playing games, enjoying music and browsing on internet. Normally smartphones along with more than 1800mAh battery backup capacity is a best one for a long usage. 

10. Connectivity Features:

Last but not least, whether it may be a smartphone or a tablet it should have all the connectivity features like Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, etc., because all the types of handsets are portable devices and it needs to connect with internet by using wireless feature. So if a device has latest wireless connectivity features, it helps the users to access the internet in anytime anywhere. Especially in the recent years, there are lots of places like Cafes, Restaurants, Shopping malls are offers free Wi-Fi for their users so it is possible to get free internet usage for your handset. 

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If you are going to buy a smartphone or tablet for the first time then try to remember the above things for buying a better handset. If you feel this article is helpful then please share it with someone through the below social sharing buttons and also your valuable feedback is  highly appreciated.