usage of internetYou might have heard about this term before and no sweat if you have not. Today in this post, we are going to share some of the basic things about this futuristic technology that is known as the internet of things (IoT).


Why should I be aware about it?

You might be thinking that why should I know about this alien technology.

The reason why you should know about it is that this tech is going to become a major part of your day to day life in future like the smartphones have become in recent time.

You are going to find it everywhere like in your kitchen, in your bedroom, offices, cars, buses and the like. Based on IoT, lots of new products are going to be rolled out by tech giants like Apple, Google and Samsung.

Now you may be thinking that why I didn’t know about it. No sweat, the reason that you are not aware about it is because of the fact that this technology is in its nascent state.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Now let us explain it for you. Now as you will go down the article we will try that you should grasp it easily and for that we will be citing some day-to-day examples so that you can easily relate with them.

One more thing, if you find difficulties in understanding anything that is written in the article, don’t hesitate, the comment box is waiting for you, just shoot your queries. We will be more than happy to help you J

So let’s start from the basics. The Internet of thing (IoT) is a technology where all the consumer devices (CE) like fridges; TV, Cars, AC, geyser, smartphones etc will be connected to the internet and as well with each other. Every device can identify itself digitally and can communicate with other connected devices.

Thus, in future, there is going to be a smart network of connected devices those will be communicating with each other and will be working in conjunction. It has become possible due to the convergence of multiple technologies like RFID, sensors, M2M etc.

Thus, this smart network of connected devices will be known as internet of things (IoT).


Here are some examples for your better understanding of the topic.

Let suppose you are living in 2020 where all of your consumer electronics device are connected with each other. Your smartphones and home appliances like fridge, TV, AC etc are connected with each other.

Today is Sunday and you doing you’re weekly shopping at your favorite shopping mall. Your refrigerator received your GPS location through your Smartphone and you received a notification of this kind on your Smartphone screen –

  • 20% milk remaining in the bottle
  • Butter about to finish
  • Fish will expire tomorrow

Awesome, isn’t it? Now you know that you have to purchase these items from store for your meal.

Even LG has started working on such an application for its refrigerator that will be notifying you about the amount of food left in your fridge (read more) and also it will be suggesting recipe according to the food stored in your refrigerator (read more).

In future all devices will be connected with each other and they will be talking. They will be chatting with each other like you do with your girlfriend over FB. The only difference will be that they will chat in binary language.

Now let’s move ahead and find out the size of this upcoming tech industry.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the Next Big Thing –

Yes you have read it right – Internet of things is going to be the next big thing. According to an estimate, the IoT industry touches $7 – $19 trillion by the 2020.

According to Gartner, there will be 26 billion devices connected by Internet of Things by 2020.

Two of the world’s biggest tech giants Google and Apple are trying their best to grab the first position. Google has acquired Nest labs and doing partnerships with other small players. On the other hand, Apple is building its own home automation technology to dominate the market.

The participation of these tech giants validates the hype related to IoT that has been created around for quite a while.

Pat you shoulder you have read 700 words. Feel proud J Lets move ahead and find out how this technology is going to help us in future.

4 Applications of Internet of Things (IoT)

We mentioned earlier that around 26 billion devices will be connected with each other and hence you can see that how big this tech is going to be. You are going to see it utilized in every possible field. Have a look –

  1. IoT in Health Care Equipments – A patient will be closely monitored by his physician who is present miles away from him. Smartphones or other accessories like earphones will be having health monitor in them. These health monitor will be sending all the necessary information to the doctor for better diagnosis of a patient.
  2. IoT in Home Automation – All of the electronic equipment in your house will be connected with each other and will be communicating all necessary information. For example, your alarm clock will be shutting down your AC as soon as you will be leaving your bed in morning and will be saving electricity.
  3. IoT in Shopping Malls – in shopping malls, you won’t be getting lost while searching your favorite food joint. If you are a registered member of the food joint then as soon as you will enter into the mall, the information of your arrival will be sent to their internet server. And the server will help you to navigate in mall to find the food joint and you will be enjoying your meal.
  4. IoT in Cars – Even you car will be connected with your smartphones and other devices. Google is utilizing RFID tags to navigate its driverless car. The car read RFID tags printed on road for accurate estimation of its location and drives you to the right location. The car will be connected with your smart phone and it will be picking and dropping you from anywhere while driving autonomously.

The day is not too far away when you will be using it. Soon you will be a part of it and living in a connected world of electronic devices.

Do you have any idea where else this technology can be utilized? If you have then don’t forget to share your thoughts with us. The comment box is eagerly waiting for your response.

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