people choose youtube for make money     We already know YouTube is the monster of video sharing websites in online and we can able to make money with YouTube. When it comes to the Online money making there are plenty of ways are available such as Blogging, Freelancing, Data Entry, Affiliate Marketing, etc., but comparing to the other methods, money making through YouTube is the easiest way for everyone. So that’s only thousands of people has been depending on YouTube for their living and every month millions of dollars are earned by users of the YouTube. Even the most famous/rich people also has been using YouTube for making extra income. If you not have a YouTube account till now then pls read this article – How to Create a new YouTube Account & Channel

Reasons to use YouTube for Making Money Online:

1. User Friendly:

     Uploading videos on YouTube and making money are the easiest process on internet, so anybody can make money easily including children – Evan is a best example for that. Evan is a 8 year old boy who is named one of the richest YouTube star, makes over $1.3 Million per year through his family friendly YouTube channel name called –EvanTubeHD.  He used his channel for uploading videos about the reviews of the toys and videos games. Not only children even so many of old-age people also use YouTube for money making.

2. No other Technical Skills Required:

      If you want to making money on YouTube you need to have some basic skills and things such as basic computer & internet knowledge, internet connection, video editing skill(optional), finally a quality video camera which helps to record fine videos, that’s it no other technical skills are not required. for example, If you want to become a professional blogger you need to know about blogging, hosting, SEO, wordpress, social media, some basic coding(optional), etc., if you want to become a web-designer you should have deep level of coding knowledge. But as a Youtuber you need only special skills not technical skills, special skills indicates your talent.

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3. Google Adsense:

      Google Adsense is a No.1 online money making program which helps to make money with your blog, and your own YouTube videos. It is the most recommened and highest paying CPM ad network in online CPM means Cost Per 1000 Impressions. Now a days it’s very hard to get Adsense account approval via a blog, but through YouTube it is possible to get approval quickly so that’s only YouTube is the first preference for the people who wants to make money with videos in online.

4. Earn Money in a Short Time:

     Are you a person who wants to make money in online but not ready to wait for a single week or month, then YouTube is the perfect choice for you. When it comes to the money making in online you need to wait for a particular period of time for getting results but using YouTube you can start to earn money in a short span of time. Blogging is the best example, if you want to earn through blogging you have to wait for minimum 3-6 months, here are the steps to build a better blog,  

 Step 1: Buy a new Hosting & Domain.

 Step 2: Add Domain in Hosting.

 Step 3: Install WordPress Software. 

 Step 4: Use SEO friendly WordPress Themes.

 Step 5: Write brief & unique articles regularly.

 Step 6: SEO optimize your Blog.

 Step 7: Get targeted Traffic.


     After your blog getting targeted traffic you have the eligibility to earn money. But in YouTube, when you get the Adsense approval you can able to start your earnings in next few minutes or hours. 

5. Make Money with Delightful:

      Last but not least, YouTube helps that you can make your earning time delightful. Because compared with blogging it did not attain serious issues like Google search algorithm updates(Panda, Penguin, etc.,), Url Errors, Google PageRank updates, Error while changing blog theme, lose traffic for outdated blog & low quality content, etc., In YouTube once you upload a new video there is any other taks are not required and the video earns money regularly.