most followed people on twitter     Twitter is a popular social networking site which has the second place after the Facebook in the list of top 10 most popular social networking sites. It is a micro-blogging based site which was launched in 2006 and now it has over 500 million users worldwide. Twitter is famous for it’s short message service which is called as tweets, a single tweet contains maximum 140 characters in length. Twitter is a place where you can able to connect with famous people like Celebrities, Politicians, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Sportsmen, Artists, etc., because maximum no of popular people have it’s official twitter account. So that’s only people have much interest to register an account on twitter, and also users of the twitter have been increasing day by day. Here i have listed below the top 10 most followed people on twitter.

Top 10 most followed People on Twitter:

1. Katy Perry

     Katheryn Elizabeth “Katy” Hudson is a 29 years old American Actress and pop singer who is popularly known by “Katy Perry”. In Feb. 21 2009 Katy joined twitter(@katyperry), in Feb. 1 2014 she becomes the first person who hits over 50 million twitter followers. Now she has a record of hitting most number of followers on twitter history and also has the Guinness World Record for most twitter followers which indicates 57.7 Million, the total active users of twitter is 270 Million.

2. Justin Bieber

     Justin Bieber is a twenty years old popular Canadian Pop Singer, Songwriter, Dancer who has most followers after the Katy Perry on Twitter. Bieber has been the popular singer from the age of 15, he was discovered through YouTube now he is one of the richest young singer in the world. In may 11 2009 he joined twitter(@justinbieber) now he has more than 55.3 Million followers with over 27k tweets.

3. Barack Obama

      Barack Obama is the current president of the United States of America, he is the 44th person who was elected as us president. And also he is the first African-American president in the US history. Obama started his twitter account on April 29, 2007 now he has more than 47.5 Million followers and over 12 K tweets.

4. Taylor Swift

     Taylor Swift is a 24 years old American Actress, Singer, Songwriter who has fourth place in this list.  Swift is particularly famouse for music albums she was started her career as a country music artist at the age of 14 and released her debut album in 2006. In Oct 25, 2008 she joined Twitter(@taylorswift13) now she has more than 44.7 Million followers.

5. Lady gaga

     Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is an American Popular Singer, Actress who has known by Lady gaga. Gaga followed her own style in shows and she has received 6 Grammy awards for his this is the best example for her talent. In March 26 2008 she joined Twitter now she has over 42.4 Million followers.

6. Britney Spears

     Britney Spears is a 32 years old multi talented artist like actress, dancer, fashion designer, director, songwriter, businesswomen, producer, etc., from America who is popular for her music and controversial issues. She started her career as a child artists in televisions shows and her début album is “Baby One More Time” which helps her to be popular. In Oct 10 2008, she joined twitter(@britneyspears) now she has over  39 Million followers.

7. Rihanna

     Rihanna is a Barbadian popular singer who has multi-talents like actress, pop singer, fashion designer, etc., one of her popular album name called “Umbrella”(2008) were nominated for 9 Grammy awards. In Oct 13th 2008 he joined twitter(@rihanna) now her twitter followers count is 37.5 Million.

8. Justin Timberlake

     Justin Timberlake is a 33 years old American Actor, Singer, Songwriter who was started his career as a child artist in televisions shows.  After the 90’s Timberlake is rose as a one of the popular youngest singer.  He was joined twitter(@jtimberlake) on April 14th 2009, now his followers list has over 35.8 Million people.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

     Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portugal football player who has listed in the all time popular footballers, he plays for Real Madrid, Manchester United, Portugal National team.  He was joined twitter(@Cristiano) in June 2010, now there are more than 30.2 Million people are followed him by twitter.

10. Jennifer Lopez

     Jennifer Lopez is an popular American singer, actress, fashion designer, etc., In the year 1997 she earns over $1 million for single role, that is the first time a latina American actress who has earn over $1 million. In Oct 2009 she joined in twitter(@JLo) now she has over 29.3 million followers.