how to develop your enlish skills     Learning things are really easy after the arrivals of the smartphones, the things may be anything it’s not matter. Because smartphones are not only used for playing games and also it is a helpful tool in the way of developing your knowledge. Through this article i am going to explain about – how to develop your English speaking skills through android smartphone. As we know learning an additional language is always a beneficial thing in these days, especially if it’s English it is better. Because English is the most important and most commonly spoken language in the world and also it is the language of the internet. Having a fluent English speaking skills are very useful in many ways such as, as a student you can write an brief essay, as a employee you can attract your leader, as a businessman you can connect with your clients all over the world, etc., Here you are able to develop your English speaking skills via these android apps.

Improve your English Skills using Android Apps:

1. English Dictionary – Offline:

dictionary android apps

 When it comes to learning a language, dictionaries are the must have tool for everyone and it is also applicable for English. By using a quality dictionary you are able to know the meaning of a word, related words to a single word, form of verbs and also you can develop your vocabulary strength. There are thousands of dictionary apps for are available for smartphone users in online, among those apps “English Dictionary-Offline” is one of the best app for the English learners. Best features of this app.

  • Easy and functional user interface.
  • It works offline so you don’t need to to download any further file.
  • You can use internet for searching when you con’t find a word in offline mode.
  • It offers over 1,74,000 words and 1,22,000 inflected forms.
  • You can adjust the size of the window.
  • It offers bookmark and history options.

 2. LearnEnglish Grammar:

learn english grammar android apps

Grammar is the basic requirement for learning any language including English, so if you want to develop your English skills you need to study the grammatical. LearnEnglish Grammar is the top most recommended apps for smartphone, it was launched by British council. By using this app you can improve your English grammar with 1000 of practice & questions. It offers practice by four levels so it is easy to learn step by step, so from beginner to advanced users, it is suitable for anyone. And also you are able to check your grammar level in the test section with certain set of questions.

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 3. uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer:

vocabulary android apps

uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer is a ultimate vocabulary apps which helps the English learners to develop their vocabulary skills. Basically it was launched for people who prepares for competitive exams like SAT/GMAT, but it is suitable for anyone. It offers over 5000 high quality words and clean & customizable user interface. You can check your vocabulary level by attending various tests and also you can monitor progress in the history section.

4. Learn English By Listening:

listen english android apps

Learning English language through the audio is an amazing way for their beginners, especially it helps to develop better pronunciation. As a android user you can learn English through this way by using an app called -Learn English By Listening. It allows users to listen the various kinds of articles, the articles are divided into six levels by the difficulty. 

5. English Conversation Practice:

english conversations android apps

English Conversation Practice is one of the useful app which helps to learn English language fluently through the conversations. It offers over 2000 English conversations in 2 levels – “easy English conversations”, “advanced English conversations”. and also you are able to listen conversations through the audio features. And bookmark option is also available for saving conversations which you likes.