7K0A0129     Today we are living in a highly digital world and we are forced to use the electronic devices which has digital display such as Television, Mobile phones, Computer, etc., among these devices, computers are one of the most needed thing for everyone for their regular life. There are large number of people use PC and laptops over 12 hours a day for their over workload & their needs and certain number of people spend plenty of hours in computer for their entertainment needs. If you are a person who use computer for most of a day (for your work or entertainment) then you should try to protect your eyes. Because looking at computer screen for a long time may cause some danger eye problem like dry or watering eyes, blurred vision, eye strain, difficulty focusing, headache, etc., Don’t worry, you can avoid these problems by following these simple ideas which has listed in below.

9 Ways to Protect your Eyes from Computer Screen:

1. Follow the 20-20-20 Rule:

It is the most important rule which is suggested by the maximum eye specialists to people who spend lots of time in-front of the computer. According to the 20-20-20 rule, after every 20 minutes a computer user should take interval for look other objects which is located at least 20 feet away and spend minimum 20 seconds for that break. If you think that it is really hard to remember to give a break, then you can use software for solving this issue. yes there are plenty of free software are available in the online. Don’t forgot to blink your eyes often, it helps to prevent dry eye.

2. Sit Properly:

This is the major mistake was done by many people while using computer, because most of the users don’t know how to sit properly in front of the computer. Here i have listed some tips about the right position, by following this procedure you can avoid certain problems like neck pain, back pain, eye problems. 

  • Use proper chair which should supports your lower back.
  • Sit strait and your forearms should be parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your feet on floor.
  • Shoulders should be relaxed.
  • The monitor should be positioned below your eye level.
  • The distance between your eyes and the monitor should be 20-30 inches.

3. Have Sufficient Lighting:

Make sure there is sufficient Lighting in the room or cabin where the computer was located. If the room has windows then you can get some natural light and fresh air by opening the window. But avoid staring directly at the sunlight, because the low lighting and over lighting may affect your eye and also try to avoid using computer during overnight. If there is there is no possibility for proper lighting then have a small table lamp with you.

4. Clean the Computer Screen:

Cleaning the computer monitor and laptops screen are one of the important things which should be done by regularly. Because the screen may have dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc., if you use monitor while having dust then you need shrink your eyes for focusing the object. So try to clean the screen regularly, there are hundreds of liquid solutions are available in the market for cleaning the monitor.

5. Adjust your Monitor’s Brightness and Contrast:

 Adjust the brightness and contrast of a monitor is so important for preventing computer eye strain. Go to monitor settings of your computer and adjust the brightness & contrast to the normal level which you are able to look and read the objects on the screen clearly. Make sure that the brightness and contrast should adjust depending on the lighting of the room. 

6. Proper Font size and Zoom:

 Always use proper font size & style on your computer, it helps to read the content clearly. Avoid stylish and small size fonts which make trouble while looking at the monitor. And when you are working in online for reading or editing text, then use the benefits of the zooming option by using a simple keyboard shortcut key “Ctrl +”.

7. Upgrade your Monitor:

If you have been using a CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) type computer monitor for a long time, then it is the time to replace the old monitor with the new flat type of monitors like LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), LED(Light Emitting Diode). While comparing to CRT display, flat types monitors are comes with lots of features like “anti-glare filter”, by using LCD or LED monitors you can spend many hours without any eye tiredness. And also variety of separate anti-glare filter/films are available in the market.

8. Use Computer Eyewear:

If you are a person who needs to work in different computers, places in a day, then it is not possible to use anti-glare films for every computer monitors. In that case try to buy and use anti-glare eyewears which is specifically made for computer users. If you a user of a power eyeglasses already, it is possible to buy a power glasses with anti-glare coating. 

9. Exercise your Eyes:

Exercise your eyes are one of the important task by the way of prevent eye stain while using computer. Exercise for eyes are not as hard as you think it is really simple. Just look away from the monitor and focus on a object which is located over 30 feet away for 10 seconds then close your eyes. Open your eyes again and hold a pen in front of your face straightly with the distance of 5 inches, now focus on the pen for 10 seconds and close your eyes. If you do this exercise regularly you are able to maintain good eyesight.