top social networking sites      Nowadays internet has become an essential part of our life. When it comes to the internet it has special place for Social Media. Because through Social Networking sites it is possible to share any information with millions of people in a fraction of second. It is the best place for sharing your emotions like happiness, sadness, craziness, etc., and also you can express your amazing talents. Many people uses Social Media sites to make money, and it is the first preference for internet marketers, i have already wrote about it – Social Media: A Strong Weapon for Internet Marketing.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in online:


     In my list i have given the first place for Facebook, because it is the giant of the Social Networking Site for the recent years. Now it has over 1.10 billion active users on earth. The popularity of the Facebook is depends on its amazing features and user friendly layout. As a Facebook user, you can easily interact with your friends in online and it is possible to find anyone from around the world within the Facebook (who has already member). The minimum age to create a new fb account is just 13. Facebook allows its users to create a Fan page/Business page for free. It is possible to make video chats through Facebook, And also you can Make Money through Facebook.

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     Oukut is Google’s first Social Networking Site, until a few years ago it has the No.1 place in the Social Media Market, but the growth of the Facebook was a main reason behind the Orkut’s failure(it will be closed on Sep 30 2014). So that’s only Google has launched Google+, now it is a biggest competitor for Facebook and it has over 1 billion active users in worldwide. Google plus is a very essential platform for webmasters and bloggers, if you have a Gmail account then you can create a Google+ profile.


     Is YouTube a Social Networking site? yes YouTube is a popular social networking site which helps to watch videos, upload and share videos. It was created in 2005 now it is a leader of video websites with over 1 billion users on worldwide. Every minute more than 70 hours of videos are uploaded by it’s users on YouTube and every month over three million hours of videos are viewed by people on internet. If you have a Gmail account then it is easy to create a new YouTube account & channel. And also you can make money on YouTube by uploading videos to your channel.

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     Twitter is an another popular Social Media site which is also called as micro blogging, it allows it’s users to share tweets(a single tweet have maximum 140 characters text messages), send direct messages, share photos and videos, twitter is a best place for marketing people, celebrities, bloggers and also a general public. Twitter was founded in 2006 now it has over 270 million users. If you didn’t have a twitter profile (account) till now then, this article may help you – 7 Steps to Create a New Twitter Account.


     Linkedin is some quite different from other Social Networking Sites, it has designed mainly for business professionals. It was launched in 2003 and now it is one of the leading Social Media site with over 200 million active users. Are you a job seeker, finding for sales leads, want to take your business into the next then, then linkedin is a best place for you and also it helps to develop B2B type E-commerce. Create a new account on Linkedin is also a easiest process.

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     In the recently years instagram is one of the fastest growing social networking site, it is mainly created for sharing images. It was launched in 2010 now it has nearly 200 million active users. As a user you can edit & design the images on instagram by using multiple tools afford by the instagram. it allows users to share images with other users and on other social networking sites. If you are a image lover, then it is a suitable one for you.


     Pinterest is an another popular Social Networking Site which helps to sharing images, more than 70% of it’s users are womens. It was launched in 2010 only, but the rapid growth helps to get over 100 millions active users. In my point of view pinterest is the best place for fashion designers, crafters, photographers, artists, chefs. The content was shared in pinterest is called pins each pins must have pinned under the boards, you can create and maintain lot of boards in a single account. If you want to know more about Pinterest then read this article –How to create a New Pinterest Account, Board, Pins.


     Myspace is one of the oldest site in the race which is founded in 2003, before 2008 it was the most visited Social Networking site in online. After the growth of Orkut & Facebook, Myspace looses it’s users slowly but now also it runs smoothly and retains it’s place within top 10 sites. They still has over 100 million users. It allows users to share Images, Videos, Music clips, Links etc., The specialty of the site is it’s layout, the “Horizontally” responsive layout helps to view streams by scrolling down.


     Tumblr is an another Large Social Networking site and also it is a image based micro-blogging platform(only you can use images). Tumblr was created in 2007 and recently(2013) it was acquired by Yahoo. It’s just different from the other Social Media’s, because it allows users to create blogs with free of cost. There is no limit for creating blogs in a single Tumblr account. According to the recent statistics it hosts over 150 million blogs. As a user you can create blogs and share photos, videos, messages, links, etc., The maximum users of Tumblr site is Photographers, Artists, Designers, etc.,

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      Friendster is an one of the oldest Social Networking site in online.  Friendster is a gaming based site which is located in Malaysia.  In the early years it reached large number of people on internet, but after the entry of the other site (facebook, google+, twitter, etc.,) it drops it’s users regularly.  But now also it has a decent place in the market with some updates.  It allows users to share images, videos, messages, etc.,