top 10 reasons behind the whatsapp Follow my blog with Bloglovin    Whatsapp is one of the most popular free messaging application for smartphones, using Whatsapp you can send text messages, images, videos and voice messages to anyone. All the things can be done by this app is free and it requires only internet connection, it allows users to send a million messages per day.  It was founded in 2009 by Brain Acton and Jan Koum and now it has over 600 million active users in worldwide. From the very beginning it was launched only for iphone but now it is supported most platforms like Android, Windows phones, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian and some Nokia Smartphones.  Everyday whatsapp handles over 10 billion messages and more than 700 million photos from it’s users. Few months back the No.1 Social Networking site Facebook has bought Whatsapp for $19 billion. 

Reasons Behind the Success of Whatsapp Messenger:

1. Free Text Messaging:

      The major benefit of the Whatsapp is you can send messages with free of cost to any whatsapp users from your smartphone. So it is really helpful to anyone, who has spend large amount of money for their mobile recharge. There are lot of messaging apps are available in online for mobiles but whatsapp is the best one, because it makes your messaging time joyfully. The requirement for using whatsapp is a smartphone and internet(3G or Wi-Fi) that’s it now you can able to send and receive messages. The price for using Whatsapp for the first year is free, after the first year the subscription charges will be just $1/year.

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2. Unlimited Messaging Service:

      The another important benefit of using whatsapp is it allows the users to send million messages everyday, can you believe this? Yes as a user you can send unlimited messages i think the meaning of the word “unlimited” is perfectly suitable for Whatsapp messaging service. So it helps to connect your friends and relations anytime anywhere and makes your chatting economy.

3. Ads-free Feature:

     Ads is the biggest drawback of every free smartphone applications and also it is the most irritating task for smartphone users. If we see in the position of developer of the free apps, displaying ads is the only way for monetizing their apps, but paid apps can earn money easily by the way of receiving subscription charges. So that’s only why free apps have more ads than paid apps.  Unlike other free apps, Whatsapp comes with the ads-free feature, so as a user you can enjoy your messaging without the interference of the ads.

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4. Multimedia Messaging Enabled:

     As i said earlier, As a user of whatsapp you can send unlimited free messages to anyone. Not only text messages but also can send multimedia messages like images, video clips, audio files for free.  Another amazing feature is it allows users to “take photos”,  “Record videos” and send it instantly, so you can share any happiest moments to your friends instantly.

5. No Hidden Costs:

     As we discussed earlier, Whatsapp is free for the first year and the annul subscription for after the first year is just $1 per year. And there is no any other hidden costs behind using the Whatsapp. So you cannot pay anything while using this app.

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6. Available for Maximum Mobile Platforms:

     In the very first Whatsapp is introduced only for iphone so that’s only it was available only on App store. But now it is supported on the maximum popular mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry, Windows and some other platforms. And also it supported the whole models in a single platforms. 

7. Don’t Need to login:

      Remembering a Username or Password is one of the challenging talk for every users who has handling the gadgets like PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc., and also it is applicable for the maximum communication apps. But in Whatsapp it doesn’t require any Username & Password, because it works with your phone number and internet. So you don’t need to login & logout when internet is connected it will start to work, if the internet is disconnected automatically it will be closed.

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8. Easy to Use:

     In my experience Whatsapp is one of the simple communication apps for smartphones, It is simple to use so anyone can operate it.  Whatsapp is better than Social Networking Sites in the aspect of connecting people, because you can make private conversations to anyone easily.

9. Easy to Start Group Conversations:

      Through Whatsapp it is possible to make group conversations with your friends who has already added in your contact. You can make your own group for friends & family members and can add the people by inviting them. Anyone of the group member can share messages, images, videos, etc., among the members, but the admin have the all the rights. Group chat is the safest place for the friends, because only the group members can see the conversation others con’t to see it. 

10. Extraordinary Features:

     Apart from the features like Unlimited Free Messaging, Multimedia Messaging Whatsapp offers some extraordinary features like Exchange contacts, Custom Wallpapers, Share locations, Custom notification sounds, Chat history, etc., After using these features you will be thougt is it a free Apps? or paid App?