Save money in internet bills     10 years back Computer & Internet connections are one of the luxurious things for our life, but now it is one of the necessary things for everyone. In our daily life we use internet for do lot of useful things such as learning information, make online conversations, To develop the business, Entertainment, Make online recharges, Make online payments, Purchase things, Booking tickets, get exam results and also make online money.  Due to these benefits everyone wants to get the internet connection even their mobile phones, so that’s only the mobile internet users has been increase in the recent years. of course now it is easy to buy a internet connection but the cost of the internet plans are little more. Here are 10 tips to reduce your internet bill.

10 Tips to Save Money on Your Internet Bills:

1. Choose Broadband over Data card:

     When it comes to the internet connection you can get few different types of connections like Broadband, Wireless 3g Data card, Wifi, etc., Data Cards provide the high speed internet service their is no doubt about it. And also it is easy to use, you can handle it anywhere especially while travelling. But when comparing the Broadband, the plans for the Data cards are so high, broadband gives a economical service for you. There are lots of ISP(Internet Service Providers) are available in the market, so choose which one is suitable for you.

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2. Find a Affordable Plan:

     If you ready to save money on your internet bill, you must find some cheapest plans in the market. The cheapest plans/basic plans have some drawbacks like low-speed, low data memory, etc., but if you are new to internet or you have spend few hours on internet, then go to prefer the basic plans. The maximum internet providers are determine the chargers for their plan’s by the way of the “Speed”. Yes the “Speed of the internet” plays the major role in the “plans” in these days, so that’s only the high-speed plans are very costly. So choose the correct plan and correct speed.

3. Buy your own Modem:

     Some internet service providers have charged some monthly rental for the modem and router from it’s users but it is the unnecessary charges. You can avoid these types of charges by buying your own modem or router, the cost of the modem is may less then the total amount of one year’s – monthly rental fee. But many people does not know that we can buy & use our own modem for the internet usage and it will help to save more in your bills.

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4. Get Some Discounts:

     This is one of the biggest secret for saving handsome money in internet bills, contact your internet provider and require some plans with certain % of discount. Some times it is possible to get discounts especially if you are an existing customer you have an eligibility to get some discounts and special offers. And also you may get discounts by participating some contests, affiliate programs, etc.,

5. Connect your Mobile with Computer:

      This is one of the effective way to save money. If you have a mobile phone with 3g internet connection then you can able to access internet in your pc by using your handset. If you have a light internet usage in Occasionally, this is a useful way for you because it helps to avoid the monthly rentals. But it is hard to get high speed internet service via mobiles, you can use light browsing only and you can’t able to access heavy usage like watching videos, playing online games, etc., 

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6. Use Free Wi-Fi:

     Is it possible to get Free Wi-Fi? yes it is possible. Nowadays maximum number of the mobile users have the smartphones with the Wi-Fi feature, Wi-Fi helps to connect the wireless internet for your device within the particular distance. In some metropolitan cities you can able to find free Wi-Fi spots in some places such as banks, shopping malls, theatres, cafes, hotels, restaurants and some other business places. They are offering free Wi-Fi services for attracting their customers, you must have to know the password to use free Wi-Fi otherwise you can’t. You can easily identify the Wi-Fi spots around you by just searching in your mobile and also there are lot of apps are available for finding Wi-Fi spots. The latest model laptops & PC’s also comes with the Wi-Fi feature, But if you want to use wifi in your old PC or Laptop then buy Wi-Fi Adapter.  Now you can use free Wi-Fi service in your pc from your home itself. 

7. Save Money by Make Money:

      Are you a person who has wants to make their idle time to useful on internet, then online money making is the right choice for you. There are tons of ways are available in online for earning money and also it is the efficient way to save money on your internet bills. Pls read some related article about the online money making in below. 

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