benefits of joining blogging communities     Are you new to Blogging, do you want to build quality backlinks for your blog, are you suffering from insufficient blog traffic, do you want to build relationship between other bloggers, then “Blogging Communities” are the right choice for you. Blogging Communities are the sites which helps the bloggers to promote their blog posts, build relationship between the other bloggers, build quality backlinks without cost (top communities are have PageRank more than 4, so it is possible ) and get some decent traffic. In my point of view Blogging Communities are the most useful sites than Social Bookmarking sites & Social Networking sites, because it provides lots of features & support to the bloggers. Here is top 5 important benefits of joining a blogging community. 

Top 5 benefits of joining a blogging community:

 Drive Traffic to your Blog:

     When it comes to the blog’s traffic, organic traffic(traffic from search engines) is the primary need for every bloggers.  But maximum blogs are did not well in the aspect of getting organic traffic especially new blog, in that case a blogger’s preference is referral traffic.  There are lot of ways are available for getting referral traffic to a blog and blogging community is one of the best way. Through the blogging Community you can drive targeted traffic by asking other bloggers to visits your blog, asking others to share your posts and ask them to vote for you. If your post will get large number of votes then it is possible to published in the homepage of a community for a certain period of time.  Once your post has published in the homepage you can get tons of traffic to your blog.  So try to utilize the power of these communities.

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Get Free Quality Backlinks:

      Building quality backlinks are very essential in the aspect of SEO, But it is not easy for every bloggers. So that’s only thousands of blogs are did not have a pagerank & large number of backlinks. Recently i have written an article about backlink building – “What is Backlink in SEO & 10 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks“.  Blogging Communities are one of the helpful tool in the aspect of link building, yes as i said earlier many “Popular Blogging Communities” are have a pagerank more than 4, if you are an active user in a community then you can get high quality backlink without paying anything. And also you can get backlinks by just sharing your blog posts to the community sites.

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Build Valuable Relationships:

      Building valuable relationship with other bloggers is one of the best strategy behind the success of a blog. In my blogging carrier i have got lots of help & advice from few experienced bloggers like Mr. Alok Vats – founder of Through the Blogging Community sites it is possible to connect with other bloggers, so you can able to contact any bloggers. For example if you have a doubt in SEO then you can get help from some SEO experts and some other benefits of blogging relationships are. 

  • Easy to get the latest updates about blogging.
  • Helps to know more about blogging & SEO.
  • Chances to meet many Popular and Experienced bloggers.
  • Get more writers for your blog.

 Get New Ideas:

     As a blogger i have suffered many times to took a topic for a new blog post and i know it is the normal problem among the bloggers. Blogging communities are the best places to get new ideas for post topics and you can get some related topic ideas. But don’t try to copy other’s topics use your own knowledge & skills. Not only a new topic ideas and also you can get ideas for designing your blog’s structure, because thousands of blogs are listed in every blogging community. Every single blog has unique design & structure so get some ideas for how to make a blog looking pretty.

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Improve Alexa Rank:

      Alexa Rank – i think it does not need an introduction.  The lower Alexa Rank is mentions a popularity of a blog, every bloggers has used lots of ways for improving their Alexa Rank but many of them has failed.  If you use Blogging Community then you can improve your Alexa Ranking quickly because the members of the blogging communities are only bloggers, so everyone has installed Alexa browser widget in their computer.  According to the Alexa”if a blog was regularly visited by many people who has installed alexa browser widget, then it’s Alexa Rank will be improved”. If Alexa Rank was improved then your blog will be more popular and you can get more advertisers.