sdfe     In the recent years blogging is one of the hottest topic in the internet.  Some people use Blogging as a hobby, a platform to developing their knowledge, a tool to improve their writing skill.  But Blogging is the best real time Money Making program in Online.  Yes, every year million of people earn money from blogging in online.  Many of the bloggers  changed blogging as their profession.  The income of a blog depends on the traffic of the blog.  So the earlier days of a blog is not a good time to make money.  Because most of blogs are could not able to get the decent amount of traffic.  But if a blog reaches a minimum traffic limit, then it attain the eligibility to earn money.  There are countless ways available for earning money from a blog, here i will suggest you 10 important ways, which will give you better ideas to improve your income.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money with your Blog:

Google Adsense :

     When it comes to the Advertisement, Google Adsense is the first preference for many bloggers. Because it is the most popular, high paid PPC (Pay-Per-Click) based ad network in the internet and it is owned by Google. The biggest advantage of the Adsense is, it displays the contextual type ads, it means they will be display the relevant advertisement to your contents of the blog. So your Visitors will not be get irritated, at the same time Adsense allows you to create & use multiple ad sizes. Google Adsense pays 68% of Revenue Share to it’s publishers, so you can earn considerable amount from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing :

     Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing, which helps to earn money from your blog by referring products and services to your Visitors.  Internet is the best place for Affiliate Marketing.  Social Networking sites are the first target to the Affiliate Marketers, but blogs are also one of the helpful tool to boost the affiliate sales.  There are lot of types and Thousands of Affiliate Marketing Programs are available in the market. Choose a best one and place their banner ads or link ads on your blog, if your readers will register or make a purchase via your referral link they will paid some % of commission for you.  Affiliate is a main source of income for thousands of bloggers in internet, so you may be the one.

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Direct Advertising :

     Direct Advertising or Sponsorship are one of the profitable way to earn money form a blog. If your blog have good traffic with a particular niche, then you can earn ultimate money through Direct ads.  For example if you owned a fashion related blog, then you can able to earn by displaying the banner ads from the fashion related sites, shops, institutes etc., Difference between the Affiliate and the Direct Ads is that Affiliate income (commission) depends on the sales and  the Direct Ad depends on your traffic.  If your blog has received 1000 visitors/day, you can able to earn maximum $100.  Is it hard to find the Sponsors via your blog? no problem you can use the BuySellAds advertising network for finding the Sponsors in Internet, for this service they (BuySellAds) will get 25% commission.  For more details read this post – “How to Make Money Online with your Blog & BuySellAds

Sell Your E-Books :

     Selling E-Book is a better way to make money from a blog. Darren Rowse – founder of (who is a role model for every bloggers) has earned thousands of dollars by selling his own E-books via his blog.  Nowadays many bloggers handling this way to earn more money.  If you have a good writing skill, then you can write an E-Book and also you can sell it via your blog.  Instead of this you can turn your blog’s article into an E-Book then sell it.  Creating E-Book is not an easy process because it needs some legal steps, but once you made an E-Book it helps to earn money life long.

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Sponsored Reviews:

     Sponsored reviews are one of the easiest way to earn money from a blog and it is also the most demanded way among bloggers. It is possible to make decent money for less amount of sponsored reviews itself. Sponsored reviews are the articles about anything, it may be about a product, program or a website. For example if a company has launched a new product, they want to popular it, you can make money by writing a brief article about the product. A good amount for a review post will be $30 – $100.  But every bloggers could not get this opportunity, because of the popular blogs, which are the first preference to the sponsors.  The popularity of a blog is based on Alexa Rank, Page-Rank, Domain Authority and Age of a Domain, etc., Do not write reviews which are unrelated to your blog’s category, because it may reduces your visitors. 

Other Ad Networks :

     As we discussed earlier, Google Adsense is a No.1 Advertising program in the internet for bloggers. But there are lot of alternative ad networks available in online. Compared with Adsense all the other ad networks will not pay high range of revenue, but you can also able to earn decent income. Nowadays it is hard to get the approval from Google Adsense, especially for new blogs. So that time these ad networks are really helpful for money making. Among those ads i am going to discuss some important ads like,

Chitika       – It is CPC based ad network and it places relevant ads.

Infolinks    – It is the Best Link type of Ads in the internet.

Viglink       – It is another Link Type Ad network.

Media Net – It is a Contextual Ad Network Owned by Yahoo and Bing.

Clicksor     –  It is another popular Contextual Ad Network.

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 Create Paid Membership Blog :

     Creating Premium Membership blog is one of the Smartest way to make money from blogging.  If you have a blog with thousands of readers everyday, then you can earn more by drive your traffic to a premium blog.  Premium blog means a blog which will provide only premium contents to the readers, if anyone wants to read a content of a blog then they should buy a premium membership.  Common readers could not able to read the content.  If your premium blog is new, you can attract many readers by giving cheap membership. The important thing of this type of blog is that, it should have a worthy content, that is the main reason for existing readers.

YouTube Video-Blogging :

     YouTube is my all time favourite money making source in online.  But when it comes to blogging, many bloggers will think like, YouTube is not related to blogging, so they will not concentrate on YouTube videos.  But there is a possible way to earn money from YouTube videos via our blog.  It requires a quality traffic blog and a YouTube channel, then create some quality videos related to your blog niche, now upload videos to your channel and insert your own YouTube videos into your blog posts.  Now your YouTube videos gets the views from your blog’s traffic.  Another ideas is create a banner ad about your YouTube channel or videos, then place it in your blog along with your channel’s link, now your video views will get increased.

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Selling Your Own Services :

     Are you an experienced blogger? Are you a SEO analyst? Are you a web designer? then you can earn money from this category by selling your own services to others.  If you have very good knowledge in SEO, then you can able to give the seo services to other blogs, websites, etc., For this, you will get paid by them, because there is a big demand for SEO analysts.  There are multiple services available in online for bloggers like “blogger to WordPress migration service”, “WordPress/Theme installing service”, “Web designing service”, “SEO service”, etc., 

Coaching/Consulting :

    It is one of the interesting Method for making money from your blog. Yes, you can make money as an consultant or can run coaching classes about blogging, seo, web-designing etc,. For example if you are an well educated blogger, then start a coaching centre and advertise in your blog, get some entrance fees for every members, then you can earn some handsome money in your spare time.