build back links     SEO is an art of blogging.  When it comes to the SEO, the link building is a most  essential one, because backlinks helps to increase the ranking of your blog in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., and also it helps to take your blog into the next level. Link Building plays a major role in Page Rank. Page Rank is calculated by the number of quality backlinks. Building quality backlinks can increase the organic traffic. Every bloggers want to own a blog which has the large number of high quality backlinks, but it is not possible for everyone.  Backlink is a kind of link which is carrying your blog’s link from other blogs/websites and building relevant links are also know as “Quality Backlinks”.

Lot of ways are available in online for building backlinks to a blog, but I have listed some important ways below.

How to Build Quality Backlinks for your Blog:

Guest Blogging :

     Guest blogging is the most successful way for building quality backlinks with free of cost. Especially it is the god’s gift for the newbie bloggers. If you have good writing skill, then you can get links from quality blogs.  First find some relevant blogs which have high-page rank and ask the respective admins for guest blogging. If you get permission, then write some awesome articles (along with url of your blog) in those blogs. Likewise, you will get links of more blogs and also you can get some quality traffic via guest blogging.  Yes once your articles started reaching more audience, then your blog will become more popular.

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Blog Commenting :

     Another great way to build backlinks is commenting on other relevant blogs/websites (which has good page rank).  Compared with Guest Blogging, blog commenting is an easiest way and also you can build more links in short period of time.   But many popular blogs have disabled the comment system due to the spamming. In that case, “Guest Blogging” is the only way for getting links from that blogs. If you want to get some backlinks through guest blogging then you will need more days for writing some awesome articles. But if you choose “Blog Commenting” method for link-building, you can get lot of links in very few days.

 Things to keep in mind while commenting the other blog posts

  • Commenting on your relevant blog posts is the best
  • Must read the full article before leave a comment
  • Ask your doubts about the article
  • Don’t leave simple comments like  “Nice Article”, “Thank you for Sharing”, etc.,
  • Try to write some valuable comments.
  • Don’t leave spammy comments or spammy links.

Social Bookmarking Sites :

     Building backlinks from high quality Social Bookmarking sites is another great way in link building.  First find some free high page rank do-follow bookmarking sites, then create a new account and insert your blog’s url in your profile page.  Now you can get those links with free of cost.  And also you can get huge traffic by sharing your articles on the bookmarking sites.

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High Page Rank Web Directories :

     Another excellent method of link building is, building links from the top high page rank web directories. It helps to make your blog more popular in internet.  You can get backlink by submitting your blog. There are lot of web directories available for blogs/websites including the premium(paid) directories. Free directories are also available in online. The premium directories are much better than the free directories, because in premium directories getting the approval will be very quick. But in free directories it is hard to get quick approval.  So the choice is yours.

Social Networking Sites :

     Social Networking sites are the another useful platform for bloggers. It is one of the best traffic source for many bloggers. Also we can get quality backlinks from the Social Media sites like Facbook, Twitter, Linkedin, Goolge+, etc., Most Social Sites has high PageRank (more than 6). Even YouTube is a wonderful place for getting backlink, you can insert your blog url in your YouTube Channel.  First create a new account in these sites fill your complete details along with your blog’s link in the profile page and create a relation with other member (it helps to make a sound profile) then share your blog posts frequently.  Finally you can get backlinks and some decent amount of traffic.

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Blogging Community :

     Blogging communities is one of my favourite source for building backlinks. Blogging community is a place where bloggers can promote their blogs, can build valuable relationship network and also you can drive huge amount of traffic for your blog. Through these types of communities, it is possible to get high quality backlinks. Lot of blogging communities are available in online so you can try to get the benefits of those communities.  In the few years of my blogging carrier, Indiblogger has the memorable place in my heart.  Because it is one of the reason for the growth of my blog. 

Use Online Community Forums & Q&A Sites :

     One of the effective method in link building is, building quality backlinks by following community forums. Yes these types of links are most essential in SEO.  First find some high pagerank(above 4) and do follow forums which is relevant to your blog.  Next create an account and fill your details in the profile page along with your blog’s url. Some of the forums allow users to use their blog’s link in signature. Every forum has its own rules and regulations so you must obey the rules.  Then do some real activities like asking doubts, commenting other articles, etc.,  One of the important thing about the forums is, they give high benefits to it’s active members only.  So if you stay active for a long time you will get high quality backlink and targeted traffic to your blog.

     Another way of link building is, you can easily get high quality backlinks by just answering other people questions in the high PageRank Question and Answers sites like Yahoo Answers, Askmefast, etc.,

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Content is the King :

     Publishing brief/well written articles in your own blog regularly is also helps to building backlinks for your blog. You may think like “What is the relation between the “publishing awesome articles” and “link building”. If you have a blog with lot of articles (which covers maximum topics relevant to your niche) then it is possible to anyone add your link when he will written posts related to your blog posts. Then you can get backlinks automatically, but it may takes few years. Lot of popular blogs are already has earned links through this type of linkbuilding.

Exchange links with Others:

     Link exchange is one of the traditional method in link building but now also it works pretty.  If you have many blogger friends who have high page rank blogs, then both of you can exchange your blog links by adding someone’s blog link in another’s blog. You may noticed in some blog’s sidebar, it displays list of liks as “Friends list” or “Partners Links”.  And it is possible to get refferal traffic in link exchange.

Use Article Directories :

      Building links from Article Directories is similar to Guest blogging. Because in guest blogging you need to post articles in other blogs for getting links. But when it comes to Article Directory you are going to post some high quality articles in Top Article Directories in online.  There are thousands of high PageRank directories are available in online.  If you have a good writing skill then this method may help you.  This is also called as a Article Marketing