clear the skype history     We can make the conversation with our friends or to colleagues by video calls, text-based instant messaging lets users, audio calls through skype. When we are using the public computer or the office computer, it is not safe. When using text to communicate, Skype stores a copy of each session of your instant text messages from and to anyone you talked with, for a certain period of time.  There is more possible to access by others through your skype history until you choose to delete them.  It is necessary to delete your Skype message history to maintain your privacy as safe, unless the skype is only used by you in your private computer only.

     Skype has the another tie up with the Windows Live Messenger.  Skype’s instant messenger enables you to transfer files and contact information easily, and it is simple to switch from text to voice, with or without video. While it is possible to clear conversations from Skype’s instant messenger, it is not possible to clear individual conversations. Dont worry, here in this article i’m going to discuss about  how to delete your Skype message history and set a time for your messages to be delete.

How to Clear a Conversation on Skype:

you have to follow the few steps to delete the conversation.

  • Open the main Skype window, then click on Tools in the menu bar and select  option button




  • tab on IM & SMS in left-hand menu. the new screen will display , click Show Advanced Settings near the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Next to the “Keep history for” line, click the Clear History button to delete all your saved conversations.
  • You can also select the length of time your Skype can save your messages by clicking the drop-down list under “Keep history for” permanently deletes all conversations in instant message history, records of voice and video calls, voice and video messages, text messages and any sent or received files stored in Skype’s folders.
  •  Adjust your “Keep History for” settings if you do not want to lose all your history information.You can select the options no history, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, or the default, forever for which you wish to keep history.




  • Click “Save” in the bottom right corner of the window and your history reflects the changes.
  • You are finished, now you  deleted your saved Skype message history.