Hi friends welcome to Tech Raju new post on post to multiple social networks at once. I am Rahul Singh Solanki from techmeshadow.com , it is a guest post by me.   As we know the blogging has become very tough for newbies. They always get problem when they start blogging as a career. They have to maintain all the things to make their blog popular ex: On page optimization , off page optimization , guest blogging and all that. And all these become to difficult and  consume so much time. That the newbie can’t work on their blog/site. One of them is posting on social media sites(Posting continuously on Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn). It makes irritate to person.


Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once


So here is simple and very useful site for those who get such problem and want to solve all these in just one click. As we all know off page optimization is very important for better ranking. So you can use this tool for off page optimization.



How To Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once:

So here is simple and easy trick to post to multiple social networks at once. Follow all steps given below to update all social media in one click and to make your post appear on 1st page.

  • And Login with facebook account. Confirm your email and login.
  • You will see Dashboard like given below.

symphonytools how to post all group at once

  • Then click on Add Profiles And Blogs.
  • Click on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / RSS Blog. To make them visible for post.
    post to multiple social media networks at once
  • Now add all the accounts to post on them.
    post to all facebook group at once
  • Do not forget to add rss feed of your blog.
  • Now click on crosspost to post on select groups and profiles.
  • And select the post you want to publish. To select the post click below on RSS icon.
  • And hit on post. Now done

NOTE: This tool is not free so you can not use life time but it is very useful to post on all social network. And it save time too. You can use this tool life time by changing email address. And you know that it is paid so you can post only 6-7 group at once but you can choose again and post again on other groups through dashboard, It will take only few minutes. You can get all features in just one hand visit and enjoy all the features at one place.


Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once:-

FINAL WORDS: As old tricks are not working nowadays so it is latest and working 100%. If you like my article then share it with your frieds and give to needy peoples.

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