Nokia X Plus android mobile review     Nokia X Plus is vibrant creation among the Nokia series which comprises of X, X+ and XL. The three phones were revealed at 2014 Mobile World Congress, X Plus is a trendy phone with a colourful green display. The three phones operate on Android KitKat 4.4 operating system.


Nokia X Plus Features & Spcs:


     Nokia X+ has a quality display power, with a resolution of 800x468px and pixel density of 233ppi. From the images, Nokia X+ is among the most colourful phones to own, and the home screen is stacked with a range of fun and convenient apps. The screen size is 4 inches, and is tailored with full touch screen interface, which makes the phone look sophisticated and trendy. Nokia has used the powerful LCD screen on Nokia X Plus, and has a 2 point touch screen. Its display power is 24 bit with 16M colours, and users can enjoy their time of convenience in all surroundings, with the high-quality sensors like wide viewing angle, Nokia Glance screen, Orientation sensor, tactile feedback and brightness control.



     Nokia X+ is engineered with robust Snapdragon S4 processor with dual core CPU. The processor is extremely versatile and operates at 1GHz, which is super fast indeed for a mid-budget smartphone. Nokia X+ is a user centric phone, and it is incredibly convenient to toggle between apps, and also download Android or Windows, the excellent connectivity and versatility makes Nokia X+ a desirable phone to own.


There are some phones which are not too reliable where memory power is concerned. Nokia X+ is a class apart from Nokia X with expandable memory slots. The memory capacity is 768MB RAM, which is pretty efficient for a budget phone. The phone has an inbuilt memory capacity of 4GB, which can be extended to 32GB with aid of Micro SD cars. Nokia has an exciting offer, and is offering an additional 4GB Micro SD card.



     Nokia X+ is tailored with a potent 3MP camera, and the image resolution is 2048×1536 pixels. The pixel resolution is admirable for the screen resolution, users can rely on camera to obtain crisp images in all background conditions, and the only concern is the lack of flash.



     Nokia is a pioneering figure in the mobile world, and its phones are an assortment of innovation, efficiency and reliability. The company is every year, tucking its new phones with advanced technologies, Nokia X+ is the company’s first Android project, and the new (UI) User Interface has dual Android and Windows phone features, and the end result is a cut over the edge piece.


Nokia X+ is a budget phone that is packed with incredible features and apps, sufficient to enjoy the phone to the core. The apps are Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft ActiveSync.  Nokia X Plus is an eye popper at first glance; the dazzling screen is the main spot of attraction. The display arrangement is grand contributed by modified Android operation system and grand tiles. It is indeed among the best phones to own for a price of Rs 11,000.


To provide a summary of the characteristics of Nokia X Plus and dive into many more interesting details. The first point of inspiration was the display of the phone at the world’s biggest mobile event Mobile World Congress. What is most attention grabbing is the Android KitKat 4.4 operating system.


Amazing Apps:

     There are many more exhilarating features to look forward to all this is possible with its phenomenal expandable memory capacity. Amazing apps to look forward to is Plants versus Zombies 2, and many others. Nokia X+ connects users to a world of fastlane, where a range of apps are stored. Users can toggle between apps stacked on fastlane in a jiffy, brought about by enormous RAM memory. Everything happens so fast and consumers can organize apps on homescreen and even stack them into folders.


     Nokia X+ has Here Maps app navigation, which is extremely reliable when lost in far off land. The app can be downloaded online, and users can scroll over the map with the aid of Here Drive.  There is a Nokia MixRadio app, where consumers can listen to their favourite tunes at all times. The app displays latest songs with name of artist, and can be easily downloaded with no requirement of signing up.


     Users can comfortably use Nokia X Plus with its supreme operation power; let’s browse through the reliability factor of the phone. The 4.5 inch dimension enables consumers to enjoy their phone to the core. The reading is crisp and users can effectively watch videos and internet surf, the impact is as grand as large screen. Nokia X Plus is an ideal phone to enjoy bliss moments with family and friends. The admirable 32GB memory storage capacity enables users to store their favourite music, videos and photos. The 3G enabled phone means the download process is swift, and a swift internet experience. The Dual Core CPU, enables great versatility without hindering the pace of user interface. The phone supports Wi-Fi network that effectively connects to Wi-Fi connected areas in nearby neighbourhood. Nokia X plus is Bluetooth friendly and users can listen to tons of music and make calls using Bluetooth headsets.



     The connectivity power with Nokia X Plus is great, the 3.5mm headphone jack, enables consumers to connect their phones to headphone and speakers. There is extensive storage capacity in video player, and can support H.263, H.264 and Mp4 file types. The phone supports eAAC+. WAV and MP3 music file types, and to listen to 24 hour amazing music there is FM radio. Consumers can talk on Nokia X Plus for hours on end contributed by magnificent battery durability of 13.3 hours, without charging.



     Nokia X Plus is a reliable and efficient phone, for a budget price, it has all the inspirations of a high-end phone from touch screen, to image quality and long lasting battery. There is sufficient storage volume to store important files, music and images, and is an extremely versatile phone with regard to download and internet speed.


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