Favorite Channel List

     Microsoft will be bringing a new software update for Microsoft TV that will be generating favorite channel list. Microsoft’s new favorite channel list will be generated by observing the viewing, surfing, and recording habits of a television user. Microsoft has a separate division called Microsoft TV where they develop software those can be used in set top boxes of smart TV.


Now a days, cable operator and DTH service providers bombard a user with literally several hundred channel choices. Users tend to have limited viewing habits and use a small subset of the available channels on a day to day basis.  Some DTH service provider provides us an option of favorite channels lists. We can use that option to enter a set of channels for quick viewing. However, we have to create that list manually. Creating this list requires time to identify channels of our interest and then we select the channels for the list.


Many of us do not take advantage of these features for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the entire process can be cumbersome and confusing to the average user. This cumbersome process creates inconvenience and that inconvenience is going to be alleviated by new favorite channel list of Microsoft.


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on 14th Jan’14 granted a patent to Microsoft that will be creating a favorite channel list for TV users. The favorite channel list will be generated for set top boxes by keeping lot of factors into account.  Microsoft will be providing separate accounts for every user in a home and each TV user has to log in. This will help in generating separate channel list for every user as each member of family has different preferences of TV channel.


The software will analyze that which channel is mostly viewed and surfed by a user. From which channel s/he uses to record programs. Based on these factors a favorite channel list will be generated. The program gives weightage to different channels and then ranks them and generates a favorite channel list.


Microsoft’s Favorite Channel List will be Generated Based on Following Factors

  • When a user will scroll through a list and will select a particular channel often, that channel will be given weightage by the software. Moreover, when the user enters a channel number directly rather than scrolling through a list it will be given higher weightage.
  • When a user views a channel for few minutes, scroll across to see titles of upcoming programs, or perform some detailed viewing of a particular channel. Such actions may indicate that the channel is a preferred channel.
  •  However, if the user is viewing information about a channel for an extended period of time, it may indicate that the user has stepped away from the TV screen and is distracted or no longer present. Thus this type of channel won’t be prioritized.
  • The channel from which maximum number of episodes will be recorded and retrieved will be given priority.
  • The favorite channels list will change depending on the time of day or day of week. For example, you may have certain preferences during morning that are different in the evening or late at night. Programs and channels that you use to view on weekends may not be the preferred as favorite during the rest of the week. The time of day will be an important factor for generating a favorite channel list for a TV user.