Apple’s anticipated iOS 8     The much anticipated iOS 8 is set to be finally revealed by Apple on its annual WWDC (World Developer Conference)on Monday 2nd June 2014 in San Francisco which will start at 6pm UK time. The rumors which have been circulating throughout the internet will now be confirmed. Having a small glimpse of what we are expecting, everyone is very excited and anticipating for the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone and iPad iOS 8 Operating System (OS).


What to expect from Apple’s iOS 8? Improvements, New apps and more

     At the WWDC, Apple each year reveals its next iOS reiteration and it won’t be any different this year.  Apple is anticipated not to lay much emphasis on its mobile operating system after it landed the iOS 7 last year. It was the first revolutionary iOS since Apple released its first iPhone in 2007.  The iOS is will benefit mostly Apple’s iPads or the yet to be unleashed iPhone 6. Reports suggest that the iOS 8 will focus more on health and fitness and contest with the new Samsung’s Galaxy s5, with a health book of its own. The iOS 8 Healthbook app, similar to the s5’s S Health app, will assist users in monitoring their heart rate and calorie ingestion.  The iOS 8 Healthbook is set to be paired with the rumored iWatch device.


How the iOS 8 Healthbook app could look like

     Apple is also rumoured to focus on its mapping, as it is reportedly renovating its Maps app. The new Maps app will give more exact locations and more accurate information on public transportation. Because of the leaked image of the alleged iOS 8 running on the iPhone 5S phone above, we know that the iOS 8 will more likely also unveil TextEdit and Preview apps alongside the iWatch Utility app which is labelled a wearable’s app.

Apple is also rumoured to introduce split-screen multitasking on iOS 8 which will enable iPad users to be able to run two apps on the tablets screen at once. Shazam discovery music is also reported to be added to the iOS 8.


Changes we would like to see in the iOS 8: Customizable control center and Siri

     The first change Apple user would lie to see is the annoying control centre. Apple has to modify its control centre so that users can have an easier time changing and the specified settings on their iPads and iPhones and also allow users to be able to manage their apps better.Apple’s Siri has to be improved so as to enable easy assistance to users. The main problem with Siri is that its usefulness depends how well the data connection of the mobile network, although not everyone enjoys one.  Apple should improve on that so that it can satisfy everyone in general.

That is what we can assume for now but for confirmation, we all need to wait till Monday 2nd June and see the unveiling of Apple’s new iOS 8.