facebook tips and tricks     Among all social networking site Facebook is the best.  More than 700 million users using facebook daily to chat with their friends, sharing post, pictures, videos, playing games, for commercial purposes, and also many of them make money using facebook with their spare time. The popularity of the facebook is based on it’s multiple features.  I have few Facebook tips and tricks, they will help you to give the another best experience while you using Facebook. They are very new to you while using the Facebook .

8 Facebook Tips and Tricks You Should not Know


Watch Streaming TV Live on Facebook:

     Facebook offers the Application that provides free streaming live TV channels on Facebook.  You can watch a lot of International Channels using this Application.  I am able to watch live channels without buffering on my 2G connection. You can watch the live cricket experience or tech popular game shows while chatting with your friends


Sync Facebook Calendar With Google Calendar

     Now you can use the Facebook Calendar and Google Calendar for the purpose of manage your everyday activities.  Now you easily wishes your friend’s important moment like anniversary, birthday without missing and you can easily be present at the right time in teh appointments or the meetings.

  1. Go to  Facebook account page and click on Events.
  2. Go to the Calendar tab and click the Settings button on the top right then choose Export.
  3. You will see “export your friends birthdays” and “upcoming events” in a hyperlink; choose either one and copy the link address. Let’s say you pick birthdays first.
  4. Now, go to your Google Calendar page, look for Other Calendars on the left side of the page and click on the down arrow button then choose Add by URL.
  5. Paste the link you just copied in the URL box and click on Add Calendar.

Repeat step 3 onwards with the events link to completely transfer all your events from the Facebook calendar to your Google calendar.


How to pre-schedule your status updates

     You collapsed all your schedules in the busy life. Now it is possible to change , reschedule everything again.Schedule your status updates on the go with useful social media management tools.

All of those websites are absolutely, they can really help you  schedule the  Status Updates.  Just sign in with Facebook Connect, and fill out your time zone, the status update, and when it should be posted.


Download Facebook Photo Albums

     You can easily able to download the Single photo from Facebook . Unfortunately there is no option in Facebook to download  the collection or the  whole albums. Just install Bulk Download images (ZIG) extension to your chrome browser and you will be able to download albums from Facebook with single click.


Trick to update blank status:

 you can update your Facebook status as blank

  • Go to  login to your Facebook account.
  • now enter @[3:3: ] in your status box 
  • if you want to update your blank status as long statement the paste the code again below the code just like below
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]


 Facebook chat on the Firefox sidebar

     You can now get rid of chatting with your friends on facebook at the bottom of the page if you are using Firefox.Just follow the below steps to let Firefox place the Facebook Chat at the sidebar.

  • Look for Bookmarks on the top and select the organize bookmark
  • Click the new Bookmark tab and enter the following
  1. Name: Facebook Chat
  2. Location: http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php
  3. Check the load this bookmark on sidebar
  • After completing Click on the Add button
  • Launch the Firefox sidebar , click Facebook chat to start chatting with your friends.

Then click on the View > Sidebar > Bookmarks


Photo Zoom For Facebook

     With Photo Zoom you can view any photo updates on Facebook in a larger size on your timeline simply by hovering your mouse over it. Get the Chrome extension of  photo ZOOM


Turn Off Facebook Notification Sounds

     Sometime we are get disturbed by every click in the Facebook notifications. we got irritated and we log off the Facebook, there is no need for that now. You have forgotten that Facebook notifications come with sounds and wish you could turn it off. Here’s how to stop it from making noise.

  1. Head over to Facebook Account Settings > go to Notifications tab
  2. At the top,unclick the check box  “Play a sound when each new notification is received” and Save Changes.