wordpress for small business websites     Wordpress is web software that is used to create new blogs or websites and edit them according the owner’s specifications. Its features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. Small businesses require having websites because of several factors as follows.


Multiple Benefits:

     Websites enable small businesses to meet with potential clients and suppliers. If a website has been properly created, it gets a lot of traffic and therefore rated in the first page by the search engines. This therefore will stimulate more and more traffic thereby connecting the owner of the website to persons who may be interested in doing business with them. Websites offer easier and less expensive avenues of advertising their products and services when compared to other conventional methods such as use of mass media and use of billboards. It also ensures that the owner of the product is able to provide more information on his product that he considers relevant to his consumers. Unlike other methods of advertising, website ensure that there is a 24/7 time frame for their advertisements since they can be accessed at any time of the day or the night which ensures more coverage of the product promotion.


Communicate Purpose:

     Websites enable a consumer to provide feedback to the manufactures of goods and providers of services. They are able to air their frustrations directly to the businesses involved or appreciate satisfaction they obtained from the use of goods and provision of services and from this information, the owners of the businesses are either able to rectify a mistakes or improve on what they were providing. Creating a website requires the owner of the business to create a business profile. This ensures that the business will now become relevant in its area of expertise since it now has a professional outlook and people intending to do business with the organization can log in to the website and find whatever information about the business they were looking for. All these factors therefore show that if a small business intends to grow, it should ensure that it has a functional website. Since it is evident that small businesses require websites, it is even better that these websites be created from WordPress. This is because of several reasons as follows.


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Easy to Install:

     WordPress is easy to install. It contains a one click installation process that requires just a single click to install. After you have your WordPress software, you can then be able to create a website for your business. The WordPress software is easily updated online though other versions may inform the user of the presence of any upgrades if available. WordPress is also easy to use since it has a user friendly and intuitive interface. The user can easily add new pages; write new blog posts, share images, and any other relevant information on a regular basis. Since the technology involved is so simple, little time is spent during editing. Information in the website is therefore easily updated since it only requires creation of a new word document and the information can then be published to the website. Search engines such as Google and Bing prefer websites created from WordPress. This is because WordPress codes are clean and simple and the search engines therefore find it easy to examine a site’s component information. Such websites are also updated more frequently and information is properly set and easy to read.



     WordPress enables the user’s website to improve its functionality through the presence of plug-ins. These plug-ins are enable the user to include functionality in the website such as event calendars, and social media such as twitter and facebook. These plug-in are usually free or come at a very affordable price. As the business continues to grow, WordPress ensures that the website is also able to grow with it. Extra pages and blog posts can be added from the administration panel and it does not matter how many of them the user will add since it will not interfere with the proper performance of the website. There are thousands of themes available from WordPress from the administration panel and therefore it is easy to change the design of the website and create one that best reflects the kind of organization the user is trying to sell.


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