skype vs whatsapp messenger apps     Nowadays everyone using many free messaging Apps in their computer and the mobile, Among all whatsapp and the skype are the most popular among more people. In the wide variety of the messaging app we are confused to download which app is more suitable for you. It is really a hard to decide with the multiple features.  Here in this article i’m going to compare about the famous mobile messaging application =>Whatsapp and the skype. Even we are exchanging the same message in both apps, the features may vary depends on their company. But the disadvantage of both the app is it won’t allow the SMS integration such as receiving and sending of message when compare to other app like Hangout, iMessage.

WhatsApp Vs Skype: Best Messaging Apps Comparison :

WhatsApp :


      WhatsApp is popular app where 20 billion messages where send everyday. it is free for one year as the trail only after which it costs $1 per year for a subscription. it is accessible and very easy to use. It won’t allow phone call, video call anWhere the main features of the multiple devices, it maily designated for the text chatting only. It won’t available in the Mac os x ,window and linux.

It allow to share only defined type of files. You will get delivery confirmation while sending message or calls. The main advantage what missing in teh skype is the phone number sahing .You can avoid incurring any SMS charges as long as you convince your friends to install the app, too. You can share audio files, photos, videos, contacts, and your current location through WhatsApp, but it lacks support for voice or video calls and there’s no presence on the desktop.


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Where the main features of the whatsapp are:

  • Users: >200 million
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, symbian
  • Features: Text chat, Group chat, File sharing, Location sharing, multiple party chat
  • Sharing : photo upload, video upload and contact, voice message and location sharing.




      Skype is the popular social media has more than 280 million people using skype all over the world. Skype still primarily used for cheap international VoIP and video calls it allow the 10 paid member group call (seats). it supports instant messaging and group chats with hundreds of contacts simultaneously. It won’t require phone number sharing like whatsapp. And it won’t get delivery confirmation while making call or message.time. Microsoft also acquired GroupMe, which is a group chat client for smartphone where the advantage of using skype are.

  • Skype has been popular for its video calling option. It also offers a completely free personalized chatting environment.
  • You can also exchanging colorful animated emoticons.
  • Skype may provide a more expressive platform to chat on. It also allows you to synchronize your Facebook friends to your Skype contact list.
  • Skype provides cross platform support. Hence, you can log in from any device, continue your chats, and even make calls.


Main features of the skype are:

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows 8, Mac OS X, linux
  • Absolutely free app
  • Features: Text chat, Group chat, Voice calls, Video calls, File sharing, Screen sharing)
  • Sharing : file upload. Photo upload, video upload
  • Chatting: multi party chatting
  • Contact: cloud based contact , authorized contact only.


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