While many people stop to wonder what actually is in a name, the answer is always “plenty.” This is particularly true and relevant if you are selling products and services online. Your chosen domain will provide you with an online identity, as well as the contact point for your organization. If you are in the process of searching a domain this year, the new relaxed rules on the use of gTLDs will open ample of opportunities to select an innovative and reflective name for your business. The following tips should be helpful in your domain name registration process.

Domain Name

6 Tips to Choosing the Best Domain Name:


1. Confirm domain availability:

     This is the first thing you should do upon choosing a domain name. You can easily do this by going to the web page of an accredited registrar and then type your chosen name in the search box. There are just so many companies out there which mean you shouldn’t experience problems trying to locate a reputable registrar. The program will bring the results right away if your domain name is available. Go through all the top name choices as well as the minor differences. If you realize that the name you have selected is easily misspelled, it is advisable to consider registering all those misspellings and channeling the additional domains to your website. Consider also locating and registering non hyphenated and hyphenated versions of your domain name. This will prevent other businesses from registering domain names that are closely associated with your domain name and, therefore, stealing customers from you.


2. Stay away from trademarked domain names:

     Trademarked domain names can bring you trouble. For starters, it is not very nice. Secondly, it will cost you a lot of time and money to break the immense legal problem you will have placed yourself and business into. Nowadays, companies do not ask people nicely to return their domain names; they instead call their lawyers. You obviously know what this means. Since you would not want to be charged with infringement of trademark rights, it is better to avoid trademarked names by all means. Go through the relevant database to see if the domain name you have chosen is trademarked.


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3. Select a memorable domain name:

     When searching for a domain name, look for one that your clients will remember when typing on their browsers or when recommending to a friend. Ask your trusted friends what they think about the domain name and if they can remember it a week after hearing it for the first time. To ensure that it is memorable, look for a domain name that is relatively short and easy. Generally, you can get a domain name with up to 63 characters, but it is not the best thing to do. Look for a domain name that has less than 10 characters; suffix exclusive. Visitors have a lot of things to do, and so you do not have the time to remember your long domain name.


4. Domain extensions:

     They type of domain extension you choose is also important. Choosing a domain extension early in advance will simplify your domain search process. For business websites and blogs, it is more advisable to utilize top level domains such as .com. top level domains are more credible and more popular among people visiting different websites. However, with the increasing number of domains on internet registered daily, it is advisable to be innovative and utilized the relaxed rules on gTLDs once they come in force to choose a more personalized name for your website.


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5. An already taken domain name:

     Do you have in mind a domain name that is already taken? You can view the details of the domain name owners online, and you can see if they can sell it to you. Are you willing to negotiate the price with the domain owner? If yes, then you may have the opportunity to find yourself a great domain name for your business. Just ensure to pay up for what it is really worth.


6. Register your domain name immediately:

     When you are sure you have found an appropriate domain name, ensure to register it immediately; do not wait another moment. Thousands of people are searching for domain names every hour and you never know one of them might just register it before you do. When it comes to the domain name registration, you do not have to be a webmaster or have consulted a web designer. What is more, you actually do not need to have web pages to register one. Just register the name before you lose the chance to get a domain name that you truly desire.