With the beginning of 2014, the tech lovers around the world has witnessed the onset and upcoming of few of the coolest Smartphones used ever. Each of the reigning Smartphones owners has endeavored to present smart phones with more and more modern, upgraded and user-friendly features and applications to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one such upcoming Smartphone which intends to provide the users with a complete experience of modern technology in terms of features, applications, storage, operating system, other media aids, etc. though it is a premium product available in this genre, but it is not the only one. So the big question among consumers is which phone is the ultimate smart phone to buy. Therefore, let’s go for comparison among the elite Smartphones, to decide which the chosen one is.

Samsung Galaxy S6 4


The Operating System Is The Prime Lookout

     One of the integral features of a Smartphone which lures Smartphone buyers is the operating system with the emergence of Android, Windows 8, and Mac OS. Samsung Galaxy S6 like all other Samsung Smartphones is expected to use Android, but its upcoming version Android Milkshake with unique and outstanding android features along with Tizen OS which will make it quite an exception. Contemporary Smartphones like Motorola Moto G, HTC M8, Samsung Galaxy Core LTE and Sony Xperia Z2 use Android 4.4.2 KitKat, Xperia having Sony’s own software add-ons; LG G2 uses android jelly bean OS. Huawei P7 is another premium entity using the same version as Xperia along with Emotion UI, which has unique customizability features. It is quite evident S6 has an edge over others in terms of the operating system.


External Features – an important buying factor

     The Samsung Galaxy S6 is predicted to be gifted with some mind-blowing external features unseen in any Smartphone till now. These features include a 20 MP primary camera with a secondary camera of 4-7 MP, with a hyper thin metallic body made of aluminum. It is going to have a flexible gorilla glass that will make it lightweight with a flexible structure which is a new discovery in Smartphone arena. M8 has a duo camera mode with photo, video, and 360 degree pan mode, but the megapixel is much less. It too has an aluminum body with brushed metal backing and gorilla glass 3. Xperia Z2, however, strikes a difference by including a 20.7 MP camera, Live LED Color Technology with a pixel density of 423 PPI. If you are looking for a Smartphone based on external features Xperia and S6 strike a tie.

Samsung Galaxy S6 1


Internal features and battery backup

     Moto G faces a problem for battery draining even if it is not used. G2 has an 800 processor with 2GB RAM and support for LTE advanced networks. It has 16 or 32 GB of non-expandable storage along with non removable 3000 mAh battery. Xperia again features anon-removable Li-Ion 3200 mAh battery with memory up to 16GB and 3GB RAM, the processor being Snapdragon 801. Samsung S6, being the wonder phone is expected to precede them all with Intel processors of Haswell series, battery up to 4000 mAh, and memory expandable to 128 GB with 64 GB internal memory and wireless charging facility better than Nokia 920.


The critical decision factor

     The last of the deciding factor and quite important is the pricing. Z2, M8, Moto G, and G2 have a market price of INR 46,009, 45,995, 13,999, and 40,560. Samsung S6 is expected to launch at the opening market price of INR 45,000 approximately. Keeping in view all the above purchasing parameters and staying unbiased it is quite evident that Samsung S6 when launched is going to have the major share of the Smartphone market followed by Xperia Z2, with a bit of competition from the iPhone upcoming series though.