Wearable technology is future of technology. It is evolving very fast and major companies are launching their wearable devices in market. You may have heard about Samsung’s Watch, Apple’s armbands. These all are wearable devices and they works in conjunction with your smart phone or other electronic device.  Google has already launched Google Glass that is a kind of HMD (Head Mounted Display). LG is planning to enter into wearable device market by launching a new head mounted display (HMD) device. One of their patent applications revealed this information.


Today lightweight and small sized digital devices are becoming ubiquitous. The main benefit that these devices offer to us is that we can use them anywhere at any time. For example, one can access banking service irrespective of time of the day. You can read email when you are away from you laptop and even reply to their emails. These keeps you connected with your business partners always.

hmd 2


     The problem is that a user’s account security is always at stake in these devices when he uses to login into his email account or banking account. When a user enters his password, the password box displays stars or dots. This prevents other people from viewing your password. Therefore, a certain level of security is guaranteed. However, once someone standing or sitting near to you makes up his or her mind to find out your password, then your password is easily known.


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LG is addressing this problem with their new head mounted display (HMD) device. You can wear it like sunglasses. The new HMD of LG displays information that requires privacy protection in such a manner on our smart phones that it does not get exposed to the outsiders. Hence it helps you to maintain your account security.


The new HMD of LG uses near field communication techniques like Bluetooth for communicating and pairing with your smart phone. It is capable of creating a transparent identical user interface (UI) that overlays on the user interface of your smart phone.  When you have to enter sensitive information you will use the UI of HMD. Meanwhile your phone will enter into screen lock mode and other people around the smart phone may not view the contents.


Sensors of New HMD Device of LG:

The HMD of LG has a camera installed in it. The captures images of a phone and detects whether you are holding your phone and looking at it or not. If the smart phone is not in your hand and you are not looking at it the HMD will not communicate with your smart phone.  The HMD of LG has a plurality of sensors installed in it. These multiple sensors enhance convenience of a user and make it multipurpose also. Sensors like gravity sensor, motion sensor, acceleration sensor, infrared sensor and touch sensor are also present in it.


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How New LG’s HMD Device Works:

     The head mounted display of LG displays the information on its user interface (UI) in such a manner that the information is not exposed to the outside world. The HMD detects presence of a smart device by using its sensors. It generally use the camera to take images and analyse those images to check that whether a smart phone is present in front of a user’s eyes or in his field of view.  When sensitive data such as an ATM pin, a password, etc. is to be entered on smart phone screen, the HMD sends your phone into screen lock mode. The purpose of sending your phone to the screen lock or to the protected mode is to avoid exposure of sensitive information to the outside world.


After sending your phone to screen lock or protected mode, the HMD generates an identical transparent user interface. In order to enter passwords while logging into an email or bank account, an identical virtual keyboard will be displayed. This UI or keyboard is visible only to the wearer and other people around the smart phone cannot view the contents.


What does it mean? It means that you can enter your password without letting other people know what you have entered as the keyboard will be visible to you only and your phone will be in screen lock mode. You can use it to read important emails that you don’t want that person sitting next to you should read. You can chat with your girlfriend very easily when you will be at home or with your friends. No one can see what you are reading or replying. Isn’t it fantastic?

LG's New HMD  Interface


Other cool features of LG’s new HMD:

     It is difficult to control the smart phone with one hand due to the larger display sizes of our current smart phones. Because you have to hold your phone with one hand and have to type or scroll by using the UI of HMD, therefore, the shape of your grip is very important. The HMD detects the shape of your grip on your phone from captured images and then adjusts its identical user interface according to the detected grip shape. This helps in using your HMD and smart phone simultaneously.

Apart from reading and replying you can use the head mounted display device of LG as a headphone also. You can use it to watch movies.