Refrigerator also known as fridge is a household appliance which comprises of a compressor and thermally insulated compartments. The mechanism of this appliance is such that the heat from the interior of the fridge is transferred outside and the interior of the machine is cooled to a degree that is lower than the external environment. This is essentially used as a food storage unit as the low temperatures prevents the formation of bacteria and also prevents the food articles from rotting. The concept of refrigerator is derived from icebox, but it was almost a century or half ago. However, still few users refer the fridge as an icebox.


Choose an appropriate fridge

     It is believed that the concept of the artificial refrigeration came into being in the early seventeenth century. Over the centuries, much evolution has occurred and it has turned out to be an indispensable part of household now. Refrigerators are available in various size, shape and style. If you want this appliance to suit the décor of your house, then you can also find one. You can spot a gamut of refrigerators in the stores, but you need to understand the advantages of each of these and then choose the perfect one for you.


Important points to look for

     While analysing the merits of each of the refrigerators, you need to analyse their capacity, limit of installation, look, finishes that include the brushed metal, coloured enamel, various features catered by each of the king and most importantly the energy efficiency of each of this appliances. It is important to remember that for every adult, you need six cubic feet to store food, so you need to calculate the total capacity of the fridge based on this calculation. Often these appliances come with interchangeable front panels that help you to change the look of the appliance as per your need.


Energy efficiency is important

     LCD displays, water dispensers, are few of the features of any refrigerator that can incur huge expenses. However, there are few basic features are elevator shelves; pull-out shelves, shelf snugger and various storage options. There are also options to control the chill comfortably. You need to remember that with every additional feature for appliance, the price of the appliance will also go high. As per the standards set by the governments of every country to save energy, various standards have been set. This is known as energy star and the same is displayed on the refrigerator that you intend to buy. Buying an energy efficient fridge is always advisable.


Types of refrigerator

     Of the various types of refrigerator that are available, the top freezers are most commonly used by the household all over the world. These have a freezer above the refrigerator. The capacity of the freezer is one third of the total size of the appliance. Since there are large rooms in this compartment, you can even store dishes here. These are not flexible in nature as these need large spaces to open. Children often fail to reach the items kept at the back of the freezer.


Position of the freezer important

     Another one is the bottom-freezer refrigerator, where the freezer is at the bottom of the refrigerator unit. In this fridge, the food section is at a more convenient level than the earlier one. As with the earlier one, the installation process of this appliance is also same and it requires ample space to open. The next one is side-by-side refrigerator, where the freezer and the refrigerator exist parallel. There is a door in the middle portion of each compartment similar to that of a door of a closet. You can access both the section easily in this fridge.


Mix of the best

     French door refrigerators are one of the expensive models of fridge that are available. It is the best combination of the last two types of fridges. There are wide shelves and you can store anything in these shelves. These refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing and are also pleasing. Since it has narrow doors, the installation process is also easy. These are flexible than the other types of fridges available. To perform at its best calibre, you can also adjust the cooling area. As per your convenience and the space available, you can choose the best refrigerator available.