Apple totally redesigned the look and feel of its versatile mobile operating system with the arrival of iOS 7. Among other real increases, iOS 7 likewise presented dynamic/live wallpapers. Unfortunately the live or dynamic wallpapers characteristic in iOS 7 is at its initial stages so Apple doesn’t offer a big range of dynamic wallpapers.


     Iphone users who like dynamic wallpapers can now add them to their iOS 7 device because this operating system is supporting this particular feature. According to iAvengers, Dynamic wallpapers are sensitive to movement making them highly attractive and a must-have item on devices these days. If we compare iOS devices with Android ones, the latter had long introduced this feature to its device leaving Apple devices behind in terms of this feature.


     There are various stock dynamic wallpapers accessible through the iOS 7 which are available in distinctive colours. A facility that allows users to download such wallpapers is the iDynamic jailbreak application which allows instant addition of new dynamic wallpapers to the collection. From now on, any individual who possesses an iOS unit which is jail broken can include new animated wallpapers on their iphone.


To add dynamic wallpapers to your iphone iOS just follow these simple steps mentioned below:


First of all your iphone must be jail broken. If it’s not then you can jailbreak it with evasion7.


After you jailbreak your iphone, you’ll get Cydia escape store on your gadget. Launch it.


Head off to the Search tab and look for “idynamic” which can be selected from the search results presented and install the jail break application. When done, idynamic escape application icon will be added to your iphone’s home screen.


Launch the idynamic application. You’ll be exhibited with some free dynamic wallpaper and for some you’ll need to pay. You can either get a set of 5 dynamic wallpapers for $1.99 or $0.99 for each.


To add new dynamic wallpapers to your collection, essentially tap on the wallpaper you like. It will show all the accessible colors for that wallpaper. Select your favorite wallpaper to apply that to your iphone.  You will see a message saying that new dynamic wallpaper will produce results after respring. So tap on the respring button and enjoy all new dynamic wallpapers on your iphone for iOS 7.


If you need to return once again to the default wallpapers, you’ll notice that the fourth wallpaper in the list is the default one, tap on the round tick button to restore over to the original dynamic wallpapers.


This is the method by which you can include live screen wallpapers in the iOS 7 provided that you have jail broken your iphone. You can get idynamic from Bigboss repo for nothing. Then again you need to pay for a percentage of the dynamic wallpapers while the rest are free. Generally, it’s truly a decent jail break application and when you’re bored of the present Dynamic Wallpapers then you must go for this application.


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