how to save money while travelling     Lack of money poses as a difficult hurdle for some people and limits their passion for travelling. Others face daily life’s financial obligations that have to be met with the little income that they get thus limiting them on travelling either for leisure or otherwise. Some income generating projects require frequent travelling so as to close on the deals and if one is not careful, travel expenses may supersede the income being derived from the projects. On this note, saving money while travelling becomes essential in order to fulfil the travel requirements as well as have enough money to meet other financial issues and this can be achieved by using the following ways:


Cooking own food:

Instead of eating pricey food that is served in hotels, cooking for oneself offers the best way to save money on food. Not only does it help one to eat fresh food but also save money through:
– Buying food items from the cheapest outlets – One can choose to buy food items from the grocery stores, retail shops or street vendors.
– Cooking a meal that is enough for the day – Cooking plenty of food during lunch time and keeping some leftovers for dinner can help one in saving money that could have been spent to buy a meal.


Finding cheaper hotels:

It is difficult to avoid eating from a hotel when one is on a road trip. Finding a hotel that serves cheap food can be such a relief on one’s budget and since it is hard to know about the hotels that are available, one may opt to:
– Use travel guides or online searches to locate the hotels.
– Consult local people, bartenders or waiters on the specific hotels where they personally eat.


Reducing flight expenses:

Air tickets consume a significant portion of the travelling budget and a reduction on this expense can be done by:
– Travelling during off-season – Travel agents often offer discount when it is off season since there are fewer people travelling especially when it is not a holiday season.
– Booking flights on weekdays – Most people travel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday thus making a choice to travel on weekdays can give one a chance to take advantage of the discounts offered by the travel agents.


Driving rather than paying for transport:

If one has to stay for quite a lengthy period in one place, driving oneself can be considered to be cheaper than hiring cabs and other means of transport. Carrying out a driving theory test booking online enables one to save time in getting a driving license since it is possible to do it prior to the travelling date. Driving oneself is more economical where:

– One is working with an international organization that has staff vehicles.
– Where many trips are in the itinerary for the day.


Spending quality time in one place:

Sometimes the experience that one gets in various places is similar. It is essential to spend more time while in a few places since it helps to save on:
– The bus and train tickets expenses.
– Some places charge an entry fee and reducing the places to be visited helps to save money.

Those are some of the ways that one can reduce travel expenses and still enjoy the trip.