Twitter is one of the most Popular Social Network.  It has Many Million Active Users and majority of them uses it on Smartphones.  Twitter team has made it easier by officially releasing Twitter App many years Ago. It has made the usage of Twitter on Mobiles Phones a lot easier. But there are some limits on that App.  I am not pointing out those limitations, but there are some. So, many of you would like to use Third-party Twitter Apps. There are many Third-Party Apps available for Smartphones like Android, but only few of them are legitimate or secure.  The Majority of them doesn’t give you security, I will always advice to use VPN Services for Android to make yourself secure from any unusual activity that can compromise your personal information. Why I am saying this here, because many Third-party Apps can compromise User information. So, you need to be very careful while using those Apps. Actually, not while using, While Choosing. You need to check the reviews from other users, check Origin Authority, and many other things. But it will require a lot of time which present generation doesn’t seem to have. They really don’t have nay patients. So, for them , we are sharing a list of Top Third Party Twitter Apps for Android Phone. So, let’s start without wasting too much time.


Best Third-Party Android Apps for Twitter

#1 Carbon


It is well known app for Twitter users. It will not give the impression from look that it is for Twitter Social Network. But really it is. They really focused on design and layout. with premium features Free. They have also inbuilt Browser and YouTube Player to watch Videos. You can’t find better App than this one, if you are really looking to be a professional with cool looks.


#2 TweetCaster

Twitter Caster

TweetCaster is another third-Party App for Twitter with professional features. If you want all things at one place, then, this one is for you. You can edit photos, Connect your Facebook, etc. You can also change the Theme of App according to your need, can schedule Tweets, can post more than 140 characters in the Tweet.  You can use this app for free or you can avail premium features by paying  just $4.99.


#3 Uber Social

uber social

It is one of oldest Twitter Apps available in Play Store. It provides all-in one Features with Facebook connectivity, and all twitter functions.  You can fully customize App according to your needs. It will serve ads if you are using it for free, but you can avail premium version by paying a little amount of money (about $4.99).

#4 Twicca


It has one the best interface to enable newbie users to use it easily. It provides all basic features totally Free. It is very highly rated App in Play store used by many Android Users.  You can Go to Play store and get this Application Free on your Smartphone.


#5 Plume


     The Plume is very popular for its customization availability. You can fully customize this Application according to your needs. But that will be available according to type of version you are using. If using Free, then, you will not get full features, but if you are a premium user, then, no worry, they will provide all professional features. But to be premium user, you need to pay a little amount ($5 approximate). You will also get Inbuilt browser, Live streaming in this App. So, what you are waiting for Go and grab it.

     So, these are our top 5 Third-Party Twitter apps for your Android Phone. I personally recommend these Applications for you. All are tested ones. So, No security Matters. Just Open Play Store, type Name of Any App and Download. Also, don’t forget to comment below with your Favorite Twitter App. If You are using any other App which is not included in this list, then, you can also comment. So, we will include that App here upon your request. Happy Tweeting.