When things start heating up outside, an AC keeps it cool inside! It is an effective device to lower the temperature during harsh temperate conditions. Not only does it brings solace in scorching heat but also refreshes the surrounding. Today, the air conditioners are invariably used in offices, at home, inside cars as well as in the public transportation.


What is Air conditioning?

Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air for more conducive atmosphere. It typically improves the atmospheric condition of the specific place in order to provide comfort to its users.


Types of Air conditioner:


Window AC:

Window AC sits in a window or wall opening, outside the physical setting of a room or workplace with interior controls. Window AC is a single unit conditioner and thus saves space as no extra condensing unit is required.


Split AC:

Split Ac can be easily fitted indoors. However, unlike window AC the inside heat exchanger (evaporative) is separated from the outside heat exchanger (condensing unit). Split ACs use modern technology and are easily available in various patterns giving a wide range of choices to its customers.


Central air conditioning:

This type of air conditioning is used for commercial space or the whole-house-cooling. The temperature of which can be easily moderated by the air-louver-control boxes.

Air Conditioner


Tower AC:

Similar to split AC, tower AC consists of 2 units-internal and external. However, unlike split and window AC it doesn’t need any wall or window installation, it rather occupies some space on the floor. The added advantage of such type of ACs is that they have high cooling capacity.


Portable Air conditioner:

As the name itself suggest, this type of unit can be easily transported to different places inside a home or office. The benefits of this movable type of AC is that it is compact, needs no installation, and can be easily moved indoors as well as outdoors.


Heat pumps:

heat pump is also a type of air conditioning which works contrary to refrigeration. It produces heat instead cooling in the indoor environment. This is often used when the temperature is low outside.


Benefits of Air conditioning

–    Provides comfortable environment at work and at home throughout various seasons.

–   Dual functionality: cooling and heating

–   Air Purification: almost all latest ACs are equipped with anti-fungus filter.

–   Quickly reduces the temperature inside a room

–   Air recirculation: Benefits people suffering from respiratory and allergy problems by trapping the dust and pollens present inside the room.

–    Increases human efficiency by making the environment comfortable both at work place and at home.

–    Minimize the noise entering the room as door and windows are closed while AC is in function.


How to choose an air conditioner for your home?

     There is no dearth of ACs in the market; therefore you get a wide selection of ACs in the market to choose from. Choosing the right type of AC for your home could be a challenging task, as all of them are similar in their functionality. Before you buy an AC find out what type of AC will go with your room setting. If it has a proper window to support an AC then you can opt for window AC otherwise go for split AC. If you think you need an effective cooling for your big living room, you can go for tower AC as they are known for their highly cooling property. Besides, you can also go for centralized air conditioning if you don’t want to invest in individual ACs.

Once you have decided about the type, you can now look for an established brand that is known for its cos-effective services. Samsung is one of the famous AC brands that offer latest technology based ACs, that are not only cost-effective but environment friendly too. Rest is up to you to decide, but do go through the brochure before you actually buy an AC.