how to stop ads on andorid mobile     Nowadays everyone using android phones, Whenever we are using the games, mails or the apps ads will pop up in the screen Sometimes we will don’t care about these ads, But when we are chatting  seriously with or Friends or surfing for the important matter in the urgent time,the ad will disturb in that time We will get irritate by these ads, then only we decided to rid of those ads.not only in the mobile, in the computer also , whenever we are using the internet the ad will occupy the more spaces.

There is the large business world behind the  advertisement industry, They never stop displaying the ad for their revenue purposes. Not only the advertisers, bloggers and the webmasters also support the these ads. There is way  block those ads and continue our work without any disturbance by the free apps.

For those purposes i have a apps to block annoying ad in your android mobile. You have to download the ad blocking applications and install it in your computer.  Mostly in all the apps you have to root it, If you don’t wan to root any apps, There is a best option in the special app named  Adblock plus (ABP).This app allows you to block ads on Android phone without rooting it.


Way to Block Ads on Android Phone without rooting :

1. Go to Google store search for Adblock plus.


2. Click “install” and then “accept and download” the ABP Otherwise you can also  download Adblock plus appson your PC and transfer it to your android phone.

After download is done connect your phone to the system and transfer the app to your  android phone

Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Security’ .There verify whether the ‘Unknown source’ box is checked.

If not checked , check it now.

Now open the app and click “Install”.


3. You can also add filter list using “Filter subscription”. A menu will be opened where in you can change filters but multiple filter lists are not allowed.


4. Now click “OK” ..

Now you are get relieved from the annoying ads.Start to disable the ads without rooting