how to avoid spam calls in android device     When we are in the important  business meeting Many telemarketing companies or bank loan calls, land brokers, polling  will disturb us  even in the night time.  we will get irritated by these calls whenever we hear these sounds or the recorded robot voice.  telemarketing companies don’t care about the customers where they are busy or not.  For the safer side keep your number more safe, Don’t give your details and the  numbers unnecessarily to others and the unknown companies in the form filling. Because your number is more valuable for those companies to spread their companies wider.
     If they ask your number in the compulsion, try to avoid them otherwise better give the fake number. Many duplicate  finance bank are misuse your details in the wrong way. One of the easiest way to reduce those spam call by register on the do-not disturb(DND) In their corresponding mobile network  services.  They will avoid the  telemarketing companies or bank loan calls, Political organizations, land brokers, polling,advertising call, Telephone surveyors, robot voice recording, charities.

     The Do Not Call list won’t protect you from all types of annoying callers.People in the united call states will call to the telephone number (888)382-1222 or register in  FTC (Federal Trade Commission) online at the address National Do Not Call Registry. but there is a solution for all those problems to block the  spam calls.


Current Caller ID app : 

     Android will develop the  application named Current Caller ID by the Whitepages . You can download the  current caller ID application here.  This app will help you to block teh spam call and  track the spam calls  where it came from. Whitepages is US Company having contact details of about 90% i.e  of the U.S customers.


     The Android app Current Caller ID developed by the company White-pages easily track spammer and scam numbers and blocks this number for you.  White-pages is US Company having contact details of about 90% of US adults.  Current Caller is available in all android apps  The company has added the ability to identify most of today’s spam/scam numbers along with some other useful features.
     These apps will track all the calls and the text and easily spot out the spammer’s number  from all the received calls or the messages  accurately.the app has an ability to identify over 20,000 different scam numbers, along with regular updates to their spam directory.
     The main feature of this app is lighter colours and better organization of the call logs, The apps also have a smart contact feature which allows you to see not only the number stored in your address book, but also those identified by the app earlier in the past.  You can also connect your app  to  your Facebook and LinkedIn account to gain access to the profile and contact information of your connection shared with you.