top 5 computer tips everyone should know     In the modern world most of our daily activities are depends upon the computers. Computer is a godfather of the technology inventions and it helps to do our works quickly, accurately and efficiently. But many people are did not know to operate the computer till now including the educational people and some beginner computer operators are did not know to maintain their computer. So everyone should know about operating and maintaining the computer. In this post i have suggest some basic computer tips, which will helps to the beginner computer operators.

Top 5 Basic Tips Every Computer Users Must Know : 

Computer Typing : 

       Typing is one of the useful requirement for every computer users. Typing is not a must have qualification for operating a computer, but it is useful thing. Because proper typing helps to do your work quickly and accurately. But he fact is more than 70%  of the Computer users are did not know the proper typing.

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Basic Computer Knowledge :

     Before operating computer, you must learn some basic computer packages like Microsoft office, Photoshop, etc., because these softwares are the basic requirement for to do anything in the computer window. so learn some basic computer courses properly. 

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Computer Security :

      In the computer maintenance,  Security is the major point. So use premium antivirus and update it regularly. Don’t allow new users using your computer without your help. So protect your files and folders with the password protection. and be-careful of using a new secondary device. ( Top 10 Security Tips You Need to Know about USB Flash Drive ).


Clean Your Computer :

      If you want to maintain your computer without any problem, then clean your computer regularly (weekly or monthly) and take away from dust and water. Use brushes for clean the computer keyboard. Open your Processor and clean the dust with the vacuum cleaners. 


Know some Basic Shortcuts:

     If you want to save your while using computer then learn some useful keyboard shortcuts. For example if you want to save a file in MS Word, you don’t  go to the file menu, click “Ctrl+S”, like this there are lot of shortcuts are available for computers. And also these shortcuts are very useful while your computer mouse was defected.