how to verify your blog on pinterest     Pinterest is a one of the leading Social Network on the web, and also it is a blogger friendly site. Because many bloggers use pinterest for their blog development, for example you can get a quality backlink for your blog as wel as you can get the real traffic for your blog. If you did not have a pinterest account till now, then this post will help you –  How to create a New Pinterest Account, Board & Pins.  After the account creation, if you want to link your own blog to your pinterest account, you should verify your ownership by just few steps. 

How to Verify Your WordPress Blog on Pinterest :

Benefits of Pinterest Site Verification :

      Is it important to add your url in your profile ? yes it is very important because it gives rich look to your profile. And link your blog with pinterest is one of the best SEO strategy, because the pinterest site have page rank 9, so you can get a great quality Dofollow link quickly. Another important thing is, if you place your blog url in your profile then people will find your blog easily. So definitely your blog traffic will be increased and describe about your blog helps to stay your visitors for long time, so it will reduce bounce rate of your blog.


How many ways to verify a Blog :

     You can verify your blog with two ways and there are lot free wordpress plugins are available in the internet for verify a blog.  But i can teach a simple way, in the way you must upload a verify meta tag in your blog’s header section. lets go..


Step : 1

  • Go to the website.
  • Login with your Email id & Password.


Step : 2

  • Go to your Profile.
  • Go to the account settings.
  • Select “Edit Profile” option.


Step : 3

  • Type your blog’s url in the website section.

pintereset profile

  • Select Verify Website.
  • Click “verify with meta tag” option.


Step : 4

  • Now a popup window will be opened.
  • Copy the meta tag in that box.
  • Paste it into your Blog’s header section.
  • then click “Complete verification”.


Step : 5

  •  Now it displays “Site verified”.
  • Finally your blog’s url will display like this image.

pinterest blog