youtube videos     Youtube is a leading video entertaining site in the internet, you can learn, Earn, laugh, listen music, etc., with the help of youtube. Every month there are billions of videos are uploaded by the millions of users in the YouTube. Browsing Youtube videos is one of the interesting hobby for every one, but sometimes we could not find the accurate results from the billions of videos. So YouTube gives a solution for this problem, that name called Youtube search filters.  

     This features helps to filter the results with different options like Search by time, Search by videos or channels, Search by timing, Search by video quality.  For example if you want to get the results from the last week then select This week option, and if you want to get only HD videos in your results, then select HD.

Filter Youtube Results using Advanced Search Filters :

how to filter youtube results with search filters

  Search by Date :

  • You can get the results by the uploading time like, Last hour, Today, This week, This month, This year.


Search by Types :

  • This option helps to get the results by Types like Videos, Channels, Playlist, Movie.


Search by Duration :

  • You can get the results by Time duration like Short(below 4 minutes), Long (above 20 minutes). 


Search by Quality :

  • Get the results by video quality like HD(High definition), 3D, Live, etc.,


Sort by :

  • This feature helps to sort the results by Upload date, View counts, Rating