how to block ads on facebook     Undoubtedly Facebook is a giant of Social networking sites. Because every day Billions of people are comes to the internet for using Facebook for connecting with friends and sharing some interesting things such as Videos, images, etc., Nowadays Browsing facebook status is one of the happiest hobby for everyone including me, yes if you are starting to browse updates in facebook then the time passes quickly (Top 5 Tips for Reduce Wasting Time on Facebook). But sometimes it irritates the users by displaying sponsored ads in sidebar yes i know many of you have this sad experience.  So i have a solution for block ads in fb via adding a Chrome Extensions . lets go.

How to Block Unwanted Ads On Facebook : 


Step : 1

  • Open Google Chrome Browser.
  • Click Settings button and select history option.


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Step : 2

  • Select Extensions.
  • Click “Get more Extensions”.


Step : 3

  • Search “Facebook ad block” in the search box.
  • Choose the a extension with a name of “Facebook Adblock”.
  • Enable that extension.
  • Now this extension helps to block ads on Facebook.


How to Block Unwanted Ads on Facebook :