how to install disqus comment system in wordpress     Comments are the Boost up key for every bloggers, and also it is the major tool for interacting with readers. But in WordPress the default comment system was very irritated, because it did not has an attractive view and it occupies the large place in a blog. So i suggest a WordPress plugin – “Disqus Comment System”. Disqus is an ultimate WordPress comment Plugin, which is help to prevent your blog from spam comments. Once you install this plugin in your blog, it will replace the default Commenting System automatically. Another feature of this plugin is display your blog’s related posts. And also you can make money with this plugin. 

How to Install Disqus Comment Plugin in WordPress :

Step : 1

  • Go to the
  • Select “For Websites” option on Top left.


Step : 2

  • Now select “Add Disqus to your Site”.
  • It require to sign up with your informations. 
  • fill the details and click “Next Step” button.


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Step : 3

  • Now the profile page will be opened.
  • fill up with your site details.
  • Click the verification mail in your Inbox.


Step : 4

  • In the next step choose your Platform (Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, etc.,)

how to add disqus comment system in wordpress site

  • Select WordPress for WordPress blogs.


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Step: 5

  • Next step is go to your WordPress site’s Plugin page.
  • Search a new Plugin with the name of “Disqus”.
  • Install & Active the first plugin in that list.


Step : 6

  • Select “Configuration” option in Disqus plugin.
  • Login with your Disqus id & password.
  • Finally select your site and Click ok.
  • Now Disqus comment system automatically replaced in your blog.


How to Install Disqus Comment in WordPress Video Tutorial :