google search tips and tricks 2014     Google is a master of search engines, because in internet more than 80% of users are use Google. It helps to find about news, history, music, movies, General Knowledge, Sports, etc., Even many people uses google for check their internet connection. The popularity of the Google is based upon it’s great features.  It gives the most accurate results and also you can get the exact results with many fillers. Tools of this search engine is worked very fast, so we can able to get the results quickly.  But we did not use many tools while searching in the Google, so here we would like explain the top 8 tricks about the Google search.

Top 8 tricks you must know about Google search :

1. Search by Categories : 

      In Google, you can search content with these categories – Web, Images, Maps, Books, News, etc., For example if you want to get the details about the features & price of the latest gadgets then search by “Web” category. and want to see the pictures of the gadgets, then search by the “Images” category. And also the “Map” category able to search the places. You can find millions of books in the “Books” heading.


2. Search by Voice : 

     Google voice search is one of the amazing tool, it helps to search a content from just a voice command. Once you give a voice command from your device (Mic, Mobile, etc.,), it will display the related results in just two seconds. With this tool you can search anything in Google without typing, so it is a time saver method.


3. Search by Image :

     It is another useful tool in Google, it allows users to search related images by upload a image form your computer. You can find the similar images with the help of this tool.


4. Set timer for Google Search : 

     This tool helps to “set timing” for your Google Search. Once you set a particular time for your search, it will give beep sound in the end of the time. The important this is you must on the speakers while the timer is on.


5. Search by Website :

     Google helps to find more content (results) in a particular websites. For example if you want to gets all results from our site ( ),  then go to the Google search and type –  ““, now Google will display all the results from our Site.


6. Check the Weather :

     You can check the weather around you by just type “Weather” in the Google search. Now it will give the weather report accurately. 


7.  Search by Time : 

      This option helps to find content by time ( when the content is published.). In this method you can get the results by Past hour, Past day, Past week, Past month, Past year. and also you can choose a custom time range.


8. Search by Location :

      You can search a content by location, Google display the global level results default. If you want to gets the local results, then you can use this tool.