top 10 security tips you must know about usb flash drives      Security tips for USB (Universal Serial Bus) Flash Drive or Thumb Drive. Nowadays flash drives are the most used external memory device for computer and laptops. Because it is very easy to handle. These devices are available in different sizes (memory) and Prices. Anyone can use flash drives with safely and easily. The popularity of these device is based on some incredible features, but it has some disadvantages. The main drawback is, it is the main reason for spreading virus between computers. So in these post we have listed below the top 10 security tips for using USB Flash drives.

Top 10 Security Tips You Need to Know about USB Flash Drive :

  • Must Scan for virus every time when plugging a USB drive in computer.
  • Don’t use your personal USB Drive for Office Work.
  • Avoid to copy and transfer unwanted files.
  • If you want to secure your data’s, you must protect with password. 
  • Don’t use personal Drive in cyber cafe  or any other public places. 
  • Avoid to use maximum memory for working speed.
  • Don’t store your personal details like Address, Bank Account, Credit Card details. 
  • Must know the correct place and position for plugging the device.
  • Must Keep away from Heat, Water, Children.
  • Unplugging the device properly (Must eject USB Flash drives before removing it).