block on fb     We already know Facebook is one of the interesting Place for Sharing, Chatting, Status updates, etc., (Create an new FB Account) But sometimes we are suffered from some irritating spam messages, spread by some unwanted people. Those spam’s are may be Tag photos, Unwanted messages and images or advertising links. Now you can block these spammers with few easy steps. And if you want to use spam-free account Don’t accept the friend request of unwanted persons. For more Facebook security tips Read our Related Post –  Tricks to Secure Your Facebook Account.

5 Steps to block someone on Facebook Account :

Step : 1

  • Go to the Facebook website. 
  • Login with your Mail id & Password.


Step : 2

  • Click Settings button ( * symbol) on the top right.
  • Select “Settings” or “Privacy Settings”option.


Step : 3

  • Now Settings page will be opened.
  • Select “Blocking” option on left side.


Step : 4

  • Now insert the E-mail id (whom you are want to block ) in the “Block users” box.

how to block someone on facebook

  • Then click “Block” button.


Step : 5

  •  Now a popup window will be display.
  • It contains the User Name of the E-mail Id.
  • Click “Block” button for confirm blocking.


Another Method : 

  • Go to the Facebook account, whom you want to block.
  • Click settings (*) button on right side.
  • Select Report/Block option. 

block on fb


  • Click “Confirm”

how to block someone on Facebook Video Tutorial :