top 10 high paying ads network in 2014     Nowadays blogging is one of the fastest growing business in internet, because it helps to make money our part-time or free time. (How to Create a free Blog and Make Money Part – 1How to Create a free Blog and Make Money Part – 2). The income of a blog is depends upon both the traffic and Advertising (Ads) network, but we must choose a high paying CPM (Cost Per Impression) Ad program. Because the Top Advertising programs helps to increase a blog’s income, even a blog has an average traffic. So i have listed some High paying ad networks in below. Choose anyone of these ad and increase your earnings.

Top 10 High Paying CPM Ad Networks in 2014 :

1. Google Adsense :  

      Adsense is a No.1 Advertising program in internet, which is run by Internet giant Google. Adsense has millions of publishers in worldwide, because it provide highest CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impression)and CPC (Cost Per Click) to its publishers. We can display different types and more than 20 sizes of ads in adsense and the minimum payout is $100. 


2. : is the second high paying Advertising program after the Adsense. It is a contextual ad network run by Yahoo & Bing. You can increase your income with this ad program, but it’s hard to gets a approved account. When you reach the minimum payout ($100), it will be send via Paypal.


3. Infolinks :

      Infolinks is a leading advertising network in text advertising. It provide text ads only. You can make money by inserting the ad’s links in your post content. The minimum payment threshold is $50 and you can get it via PayPal.


4. BuySellAds :

      If you want to selling spaces in your website/blog for advertising, then BuySellAds is a No.1 choice for you. It allows to sell your blog’s space to the advertisers. 25% of your earnings will be taken by this network and the reminder 75% will send to you via PayPal. The minimum Payout is $50.


5. Clicksor :

      Clicksor is leading advertising network for popup ads and also it provide banner and text ads. It provides high CPM and also it share up to 85% of the earnings to its publishers. It is easy to get a new approved account. The minimum payout is $50 dollars Via PayPal.


6. Adfly

      Adfly is one of the high paying ads network in internet ( How to Create a New Adfly Account and Make Money online).  When users visits your blog adfly will display the popup ad, if visitor click the ad you will be paid, and also you can earn money by displaying their banners if any joint the adfly via your banner they will paid you. the minimum payout ($5) is paid via PayPal.


7. Chitika :

     Chitika is a awesome PPC (Pay Per Click)advertising network, which is very useful for the small blogs and also easy to get approval. It has over 3,00,000 publishers in worldwide. It allows to customize the Ads types & sizes. The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal and $50 via check.


8. Bidvertiser :

     Bidvertiser is another useful Ads network in the internet and the approval of this ad is easy. It provide revenue generating tool-bar with search box, if visitors search a word via this tool bar they can paid money. The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal.


9. Kontera :

      Kontera is another important ads network which is provides contexual ads. Kontera is similar to infolinks. It is very easy to get approve but your blog must have United States & Canada traffic. The minimum payout is $50, when your account reach $50 you will get paid by PayPal.


10. Tribal Fusion :

      Tribal Fusion is another high paying CPM Advertising program for bloggers but its not easy to get approval. Because it approve the blog which have over 50,000 impressions per month and also it requires some other additional qualifications. The payment will be send via PayPal.