how to test my typing speed and accuracy online    Hai friends in the last post we discussed about “How to learn Fast typing in English in online“. Today we discuss about “How to Test my Typing Speed and Accuracy Online“. Their are thousands of websites are available in internet for check your typing speed, but i have suggest a great site for you – This is the most popular website for typing test. It provides the typing test in different languages and different contents, at the end of the test results we can know our Typing speed (WPM), accuracy and errors. And also we can play some typing games in this website. 

How to Test my Typing Speed and Accuracy Online :

Step : 1


Step : 2

  • Before start Typing Test Choose language.
  • Select timing for test. 
  • Select content for Test.


Step : 3

  • Now click “Start Test” Button.


Step : 4

  • Now a new window will be opened.
  • You can start the test by typing the content.
  • The test was completed when the time was end.


Step : 5

  • Next It automatically provides result for your test.
  • The results include Speed ( WPM – Words Per Minute ).
  • Errors and accuracy.
  • You can compare your typing speed in below the chart.


How to Test my Typing Speed and Accuracy Online Video: