how to upload videos in dailymotion     Dailymotion is one the popular video sharing website in the world. It is a French website and it was launched in 2005, but it reached the people in short time. Dailymotion allows users to upload, view, share videos, and also you can make money by sharing videos in websites and social networking sites. There are millions of videos are available in Dailymotion in different categories, and every tons of videos are uploaded in Dailymotion by their users. Ok Now we can discuss about how to create account in Dailymotion and how to upload videos in Dailymotion website. 

How to Create Account and Upload Videos on Dailymotion :


Step : 1


Step : 2

  • Now a popup will be opened. 
  • Fill the Form with your Email id & Password
  • Click “Create” option.


Step : 3

  • Next Another popup window will be opened.

create an account in dailymotion

  • In this popup you can select your users name for your account.
  • Check your users name for available and click create option. 
  • Now your new account was created.


Step : 4

  • Next click “upload video” button.
  • You can upload videos from your computer or
  • You can record videos from webcam.

how to create account in dailymotion


Step : 5

  • You can upload maximum 60 minutes length videos.
  • You can upload HD videos and all videos format files.
  • After selecting your video, choose title and description, category for the video.
  • Finally click “Publish” button.
  • Now Your first video was uploaded.