how to shop online safely     How to shop Online Safely. In the recent years Online shopping is one of the popular way to shop things, because it saves our valuable time and money. And another advantage is you can choose a product from multiple brands with some offer from your home. For these reasons Online shopping became famous. But it contains some indirect risks and problems. There are so many people faces so many problem in online shopping daily, and it contains two kinds of problems. 1. Problems with payment. 2. Problems with Product. So here are 5 security tips top help to shop online Safely.

5 Security Tips for Secure Online Shopping :

Choose Trusted Website :

    There are thousands of E-commerce Websites are available in the internet.  So first choose a trusted website for your shopping.  Because new websites are ready to provide more offers and discounts for attracting new customers.  But you should choose a popular website for a secure shopping. You can find a trusted website by reading the users review, checking their customer service and old customer ratings. 


Choose a Perfect Product :

     Read full features and specifications of the product before choose.  Read full “privacy policy” of the website carefully before order, and also you should know about the billing and guarantee of the product. 


Insert your Correct Details :

       Take care when typing information in your order. Because if you entered a incorrect information like name, address you did not able to receive a product. So check the details twice before order and payment.


Purchase only if a site is Encrypted :

      If a website is is not encrypted  you do not purchase anything in the website. Because the encryption method is protect our online payment.  For ex: if a site’s URL starts with HTTPS://, it is encrypted, so you can purchase and pay online without fear. And always always use credit card instead of debit card for online purchase for protect from fraud.


Delete the Browser History :

     If you plan to shop Online do not use Public computer ( cyber cafe, library, office ), because there is a opportunity for stole your personal details. So use your Home computer for safe shopping or delete your browser history and clear the cookies and cache.