top 10 most downloaded android app     Today we are going to discuss about the Top 10 most download Android Apps in Google play store in 2013 . Android is a world’s No.1 Mobile Operating System, which is used by millions of peoples. The Android users can download more than millions of apps, which is available in the Google play store for free of cost. You can download apps in different categories like, Games, app, Music apps, Photos Apps, Social apps, Sports apps, News apps, etc.,  You can make your free time for useful with these apps. Lets check out the Top 10 most downloaded android apps in 2013.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Apps in 2013:

     Facebook is the one of the most downloaded android app in the google play store.  It is a official app from Facebook. Via this app you can stay connected with facebook by updating your status, online chatting, upload videos and images, like and share your friend’s status, etc.,  Now you can access your facebook quickly & easily.


      WhatsApp is the No.1 communication app in Android & other OS.  You can send images, videos, audio clips, text messages to any whatsapp messenger users with free of cost. It allows to users can send and receive millions of messages. It has beautiful layouts so easy to use.


      YouTube is a another popular app for android and it is official app from Google.  This app is really helps to search videos in different filters, watch videos, share videos in social networking sites and also you can add your favourite videos to playlist and watch it later.


     Angry Birds is the most downloaded Android Game in Google play store, not only Android also most downloaded in iOS, Windows OS, etc., It has more than 6 million users in Android platform and more than 10 million users in iOS platform.


      It is another popular Communication app for android gadget, it has more than 200 million users in world wide. You can send and receive free messeges and make free calls to other line users in world wide. Express yourself with emotional stickers and wallpapers.


     It is one of the trusted communication app in android platform.  It allows users to make free video calls and voice calls over 3G or WiFi. and also send you can send pictures, videos and audio clips.  All over the world more than 250 million users are used skype app. 


     It is the No.1 and most downloaded app for English Dictionary.  It contains over 160000 words and it also works in offline mode. It includes google search box, which is allows to search your content easily and qucikly, with this app you can learn more and more.


     Tiny Flashlight + LED is one of the most downloaded app for android gadgets. It allows users to use their gadget’s camera flash as a torch, so it is must have app for every.  It has different options like Colour Flashlight, Police lights, Warning lights, etc.,


     It is one of the useful app for android users. Via this app you can trim the MP3 clips and make ringtones. The layout helps to access this app easily. The timing options are used to trim the clips parts accuratly. 


     It is a official keyboard android app from Google, it support 26 language.  It is one of the most useful app for Smartphones, because it is used to typing letters. It contains Advanced layouts, Voice Typing ( which allows to type letters by your instructions ).