how to Test my internet speed online.  Nowadays computer and internet connection are one of the important thing in our daily life, particularly internet is the breath for many people.  By using internet we can done anything like watch videos, download song, connect with your friends via social networks, read articles and news etc., But sometimes the slow net connection make you really angry. The high speed internet is depends upon your computer or ISP ( Internet Service Provider ).  Ok come to the point, how to test internet speed .  

     There are thousand of websites are available in online for check this process, but i suggest a website for check internet speed –, which is helps to check broadband speed easily.  This is the most popular website for internet speed test, so you can get the most accurate results.  The results are includes Your IP address, Downloading Speed,Uploading Speed and your ISP Name.

How to Check my Internet Speed :


  • Go to the Website.
  • Click “Begin Test”.
  • That’s it, it will give the result in few seconds. 


Internet Speed Test Video :