how to make money with facebook -fb    How to earn money on Facebook. Facebook is the World’s largest social networking site with billion users. Facebook is a platform to explore yourself by updating your status and upload photos and videos, etc., so Facebook is known as No.1 entertaining site but it is one of the best platform to earn money in online.  Not 1 or 2, more than 20 ways are there to make money from Facebook.  Yes now everyone can starts to earn by creating Facebook apps, Referral marketing, Liking pages, making sales, drive web traffic. And also if you have a huge friends connection in Facebook you can get a chance to earn more money.

20 Easy Ways to Make Money From Facebook :

 1. Web traffic :

      This is the best and most popular way to earn money.  In this method you must have Blog or Website, then you can get more traffic by inserting your own blog’s link in Facebook wall or Page.  If the blog’s traffic is increased it’s income will be increased.  So this is a one of the traffic source for bloggers. How to Create a free Blog and Make Money in just 5 Minutes Part – 1


 2. Rent for Traffic :

      If you did not have own blog or website, you can send traffic to some website and get paid by them but you must have some strong network in Facebook.


 3. Adfly :

      Adfly is one of the most popular money making programme in internet. You can make money in adfly by inserting adfly URLs in your Facebook wall or Page.  For more details about Adfly read our related posts. 3 Steps for How to Create a New Adfly Account and Make Money online .How to Earn Money by Shortening URLs in Adfly Without Websites


4. Get paid for Likes :

      This is the latest way for make money by liking facebook pages.  There are thousands of websites are available in the internet for providing this program. 


5. Sale Artefacts :

     If you a owner of some Artefacts ( Old coins, Rare Wooden things and Metal things, precious jewels ), you can make real money from Facebook by Selling these things.


6. Sale your Used Things :

      You can sell your used things like Vehicles, Gadgets, furniture, etc., in Facebook and Earn money.


7. Make money with Videos :

     This is a nice way to earn money in FB.  Yes these type of money making program is available in some popular video websites. Top 10 Websites for Earn  Money by  Sharing Videos.  The actual work is share some videos in the Facebook Timeline or Page, if the video hits many views you will earn from it. 


8. Android App :

      In these days Android is the No.1 and most used Mobile OS Platform in the world. There are millions of Apps are available in the Android Market, but the demand for these apps is increased daily. So create an android app and submit the app in the google play store, for every downloads you will get paid by Google. Next write about your app in Facebook, if your app will reached successfully you will earn more.


9. Sale your Books :

     If you are a author, you can make money by selling your books via Facebook.  Facebook Page is the useful way for these type of business.


10. YouTube videos :

      Another important way is make money from YouTube. YouTube did not paid anything for sharing videos, but they paid for uploading videos. So upload your original videos in YouTube and share in Facebook, if your video was watched by more people you can earn more from YouTube. How to Upload Videos in YouTube & Make Money.


11. Sell Domains & Web hosting :

     Now a days every company is want to have own websites for these reasons the Demand for the Domains & Hostings are increased. So Purchase some Packages and Sale it via Facebook and Earn Money.


12. Get Free Mobile Recharge :

     This is the quickest ways in money making. First  Join any one popular ” Free Mobile Recharge ” providing website ( Amulyam, Ultoo) then insert the referral code in your FB account, if anybody will join by your referral code you will earn. You can get free mobile recharge from it. Earn Money and Get Free Recharge in Internet From Mobile.


13. Referral Marketing :

      Referral marketing is one type of money making program which is already used by millions of peoples in the internet. You can make money in Facebook by Referring any products. 


14. Online Jobs :

      Are you searching part-time jobs in internet, Facebook is the great place for your need. Because the Online money making websites are already have millions of Facebook Pages, so it really helps to find a Part time or Full time job for you. 


15. Email Marketing :

      It is Another Marketing programme. Nowadays it is easy to get a huge friends support in Facebook, after getting more friends easy to get their E-mail Id’s. then the Bulk Contacts are very well used in the Marketing Programmes.


16. Monetize your Facebook Page :

      If your Facebook Page have huge followers you can earn money by monetizing your Facebook Fan Page.


17. Facebook Apps :

      Create some interest Facebook Apps and make money from it.


18. Sale some Productions in Facebook  from Internet shopping Websites and earn some decent commission.


19.  Many websites are paid for Conducting Online Surveys, Conduct surveys via Facebook and make money.


20.  Download videos like Funny, Amazing, Interesting, from Facebook. Lot of websites are paid money for uploading videos so choose one sites, then upload videos and earn money.