how to make money by shortening urls     How to Make Money online without Websites and without investments.  This is a most wanted statement from the online job seekers, Because many of them did not have blog or website for earn real time money this is the first problem.  And another problem is investment, yes they did not desire to put some investments in internet for online jobs.  So today we can give a solution for these problems, yes Now you can earn money without investment.  It did not requires any websites or blogs, and also you don’t  need any other technical qualifications.


     If you have a strong background in Social Networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., ) You can make Hundreds of dollars in a single month. Yes a website name called Adfly has paid money for shorting URL’s.  The Actual work is Short any URL’s in a URL Shortner tool from Adfly website.  You can paste a Short URL in Blogs or Websites or any other Social Networking Sites, If people click your link they will give paid you.  There are so many websites are paid money for Shortening URL’s, but Adfly is the No. 1 Website and high paid website.  You can Short any URL’s of any websites that’s not a matter, if 1000 visitors clicks your shortened URL you will get nearly $5 dollars.  The minimum payout is 5 Dollars.  Now you can earn money in real time. 


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How to Earn Money by Shortening URLs :