how to watch youtube videos without buffering     How to watch YouTube Videos Without buffering in slow net connections.  The biggest and joyful entertainment for everyone in the internet is Watching YouTube videos, because we are addicted for it.  Once you entered in to a YouTube, you will be watch minimum 3 – 6 videos. Some times YouTube videos are take long time for loading, Because the reasons may be Slow net connection, High Quality videos, etc., For solving this problem i have some tricks, it can help you to watch youtube videos without buffering.

How to Watch YouTube videos without Buffering : 


Trick No: 1

     The first trick  for watch YouTube videos without buffering is “Enable HTML5”.  HTML5 is a alternative for the flash player, Because it takes less memory.

  • First go to the URL –  

how to enable html5 in youtube for watching videos


  • Click “Join the HTML5 Trial”
  • Now you can watch videos without buffering.


Trick No: 2

   The second trick is “Enable Feather Beta”.  it is also a same way like HTML5.  By enable Feather Beta, it reduce the Related videos and comments in a single video.

  • First go to the URL –
  • Click “Join the Feather Beta”
  • Now watch videos without Buffering. 


Trick No: 3

     The Third trick is “Changing Video Quality”.  This is the one of the old and most used method for Watch videos without buffering. But a problem is if you reduce the video quality, you did not able to watch videos with clarity.

  • Open a YouTube Video. 
  • Click Settings button in the Right Bottom.

watch youtube videos without buffering in slow net connections

  • Select   144p  (Low quality).  It is the lowest quality video format.  Now the videos was running without buffer. 


Trick No: 4

  • Go to the YouTube website.
  • Open a Video.
  • Replace a letter   –  M  for WWW.  ( for example   to )
  • Right Click – then select “Copy link address”
  • Open a Media player in your System.
  • Select “Open Network Stream”
  • Now paste the link and watch videos without buffering.