WhatsApp Messenger free android app for Android tablet   WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most downloaded free Messenger Android App from the Google Play store.  We can Send and receive free text messages, pictures, Audio files, Video files via this Messenger app. We can also do Group conversations with your online friends. It requires Android Gadget and Internet connection, that’s all. Once you have installed this app on your device, you can send and receive millions of messages and data’s for free.  It did not need to Login for every time, because it always logged in and always connected. Other features are custom wallpapers, notification sounds, chat history, landscape mode, contacts, etc.,

Best Features of  WhatsApp Messenger Android App :


  • No Hidden Cost :

     Once you Download and Install this app in your device, you can send and receive thousands of data every day for free using the data connection.

  • Multimedia :

     You can send and receive Images, Video clips, Audio clips to your friends and contacts. 

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  • Group Chat :

   You can do Group Conversations with your friends. 

  • No International Charges :

     We can send E-mail to anyone around the world for free of cost.  It helps to avoid international SMS Charges. 

  • Say no to PIN and Usernames :

     This app works with your Phone Number, so it didn’t requires any PIN Numbers or Usernames.  

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  • No need to Login :

     No need to login for every time, because it always logged in and always connected. 


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  • No need to Add Buddies :

     No need to add friends for contacts, because your contacts will be displayed automatically, who already using this app.

  • Offline Messages :

     If you Turn off your Device, this app will store your Notifications, so you can see it at some time.

  • Other Features :

     Share location, Custom Wallpapers, Custom Notification Sounds, Chat history, Exchange Contacts


Download link – WhatsApp Messenger App


Name           :    WhatsApp Messenger

Platform      :    Android

Size              :    Based on your device.

Cool and interesting Features of WhatsApp:

     WhatsApp is getting popular day by day by satisfying and attracting almost all the smartphone users. The Smartphone users most probably preferring the Whatsapp Messenger for instant messaging and sharing photos, videos, audio files, etc., This is because of providing new and interesting features to their user in their updates. The Whatsapp team knows the users needs and they will introduce various new features, which is getting attracted by almost all the user. The Whatsapp is an instant messaging app, which helps the user to get connected with the people around the world. The messages or any media files can be forward to anyone in the world within few seconds. The user can block a particular user which helps to avoid them.

     Whatsapp needs the user’s mobile data connection or any Wi-Fi connection to establish a connection to send and receive the messages or any media files. Adding to the features, Whatsapp allows the user to make voice call to friends or any family members through an internet connection. There are no additional fees for instant messaging and for communication between two users. The user can share the location to others through WA to track their location, which helps to get direction to reach some places. The WA user can enjoy the instant messaging free for First one year.After that the user has to pay an amount of $0.99 USD / Year. Now the user can send and receive messages and can operate their Whatsapp applications with the help of the Personal Computer.